Happy National Library Week!

I know the week is half over, and all, but seriously? Happy. Be it. Celebrate it. LIBRARY WEEK. Woo!

So. DEWEY UPDATE: I got an email from Linnea last night, and she said “so far we’ve raised $2,870 from 65 donors” and I went to to the Amazon wishlist and used a calculator because doing basic math is for chumps and hookers* and discovered that 138 books off the wishlist have been purchased for DCPL’s STAR program! That cash will cover 550+ board books, plus there’s the 138 books they’re already getting from YOU! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?! (Hint: The answer is SO AWESOME!!!!)

As I might have maybe mentioned before, at the April 14th doubleheader bout, we will be raising EVEN MORE MONEY for DCPL and STAR by selling gently used books. Last night I went through my shelves (and some boxes of books I didn’t have room for on the shelves) and pulled the titles I was willing to donate for the cause. (and then recycled a few that were, lets say, less gently used.) I also cut squares of brightly colored paper and gathered up my GIANT COLLECTION OF SHARPIES. We will combine these things tonight at practice with paper bags and prices to make BOOK SALE! And then I DREAMED ABOUT BOOKS AND ROLLER DERBY ALL NIGHT. I am SO jazzed about this! It’s fun! It’s exciting! It’s that feeling I would get after donating a book or two to Dewey or Child’s Play only for TWO WHOLE WEEKS.
This is gonna get a little image heavy, so I’m going to give you this and then a cut:
Skate it out
from Daphne Does Derby, which is an awesome derby tumblr blog thing that everyone should read.

SHARPIES. And books.
(there are books in that box. and in these bags:)

Also, after all that gathering of stuff (I took the books to my car last night, knowing it would suck to make lots of trips with boxes and bags and bags and boxes in the morning in work attire) and before dreaming about ALL THE DERBY CHARITY I applied for a job. And then another. And another. And, all told, like 6 or 8 of them. I was starting to worry that I’d have to start looking outside the DC Metro area for work, which would suck because DCRG and The Boy and MY LIFE are all here. And some of them are at the very very edges (Baltimore; Rockville) but I am still excited because if there is moving, it will not be super-far and I will still be near DCRG and The Boy and MY LIFE if I get one of these jobs. I subscribe to INALJ (I need a library job) and archives gig, and I check usajobs all the time and was like I WILL NEVER FIND WORK and then I found a lot of positions and I WANTS THEM, PRECIOUS. I also totally name-dropped the people from DCPL who I have been working with for the Dewey/DCRG book drive and fundraiser on my DCPL applications, and asked my dad to talk to anyone he knows at JHU because I AM NOT ABOVE NEPOTISM WHEN IT TURNS OUT I AM DYING OF THE POOR. I have NEEDS. FINANCIAL NEEDS. FINANCIAL NEEDS TO FINANCIALLY SPEND MONEY ON WHEELS AND SKINZ AND GASKETS AND A NEW MOUTHGUARD THAT LETS ME BREATHE AND PRETTY CLOTHES AND PRETTY SHOES AND PRETTY UNDERWEAR AND PRETTY EVERYTHING. Also food.

Oh, speaking of clothes and food: my scale says I weigh 125ish, and I am all “where the fuck did it come from if I lost that weight, huh?” because I am still all boobs and belly and butt. I am good being all boobs and butt, and I don’t really mind being all belly, but WHERE IS IT COMING FROM? not the tops of my thighs, either. That’s all still cottage cheese jiggles, too. IT IS A MYSTERY.

*it’s a thing I say, okay? I’m not actually calling 2nd graders chumps and hookers.


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