Getting Ready for Saturday’s Bout

Last night I went straight from work to the Armory and spent 3 hours or so with Pants (and less time with Sean, Sm’Ak, Batty, and various skaters, including having a lovely book chat with Lenore Gore, who convinced me to give Thomas Hardy another shot before hating him forever) bagging, pricing, and storing books for the used book sale fundraiser. The idea is that they are mystery grab bags! I said goodbye to (almost!!) all my Christopher Pike novels from 6th grade (had to keep Last Act-the main character is a theater nerd named Melanie. GOTTA KEEP A BOOK THAT IS ABOUT ME) as ell as a number of other titles, and I got to see what other people were donating too. It was so fun! And, as Pants noted, “it says a lot about us that whenever anyone comes in they go “ooh, books! OOH, SHARPIES!”

Ready for Saturday? DCRG’s gently-used books are!
Everything is now sorted, bagged, & labeled for sale!

Each bag is a flat $5 and contains THREE paperback or TWO hard-back books.
That’s right- 3 paperback or 2 hardback books for only $5!

All told, 20 people donated well over 300 books!

(From an email Pants sent to the league and pit crew :D)

Here is some photographic evidence of the work we did last night (click for enlargement)

From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

I meant to take pics of the books before we bagged them, but I forgot.

I got home at 9:30 and I meant to make lunch before passing out but I wanted to unwind (not that bagging books is stressful, but I was all wound up from excitement) so I crossworded on my phone for a bit and then it was bedtime and long story short, I have to buy lunch and also I look like a raccoon because of the GIANT BAGS under my eyes.

going to Anacostia after work, then going to sleep ALL THE NIGHT. Also, OMG IT IS COLD IN THIS OFFICE vinyl coat on and heater, ACTIVATE!

I’m losing coherence, here, aren’t I? Let’s stop while we’re ahead. But don’t forget to come out to the Armory Saturday for hot derby action!

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