Achievement Unlocked: Return to Routine

Last night I did not skate because my meeting went long enough that I thought I’d only have 45 minutes of skating by the time I got to TH (which annoys me, because a. my remembered closing time was actually 30 minutes earlier than actual closing time and b. I wanted a chance to try both the poisons and the heartless wheels on the rink floor before Derby 101 Saturday) and today, tomorrow, and Thursday I will be staying late at work, so no skating with the group until Saturday. (On Friday, The Boy and I are going to Thinkgeek HQ!)

The meeting was long but the reason I failed essentially boils down to a misunderstanding of what they wanted. My essays took what I learned in grad school, synthesized it, and put out on the page. They don’t want proof I learned and comprehended so much as proof I can point to the sources that I learned from and comprehended. They want analysis of problems more fully supported by my forerunners in library science rather than analysis that came from synthesizing what they taught and coming up with my own spin on things. I don’t really think that their way shows that I am more ready for being a librarian than mine, but it’s what they want so I’m going to have to give it to them. Now I just have to decide when: July, with the same format, or October, with a new format (20 page research paper written over 2 days but at home, with your books and whatever available to cite from directly.)

This weekend is going to be busy. Friday: Thinkgeek! Saturday: Temple Hills for Derby 101, Dulles Sportsplex for derby bout. Sunday: ??? Hopefully before all that, I will get my FUCKING TAX RETURN. I foolishly chose the option to get the price of turbo tax taken out of my return so the IRS sent it off to First California Bank, who claims they have put the remainder in my bank account. I sent them an email yesterday evening when I realized that I should have gotten it and hadn’t, and if I don’t hear from them before close of business today I will be calling them and yelling at them because GIVE ME MY FUCKING MONEY, ASSHOLES. I owe MD most of my return and I think they would really like that money. (Speaking of which, anyone reading this a CPA with a soft spot for poor people? Because the money I owe MD was paid by my last employer as taxes to Virginia, despite the fact that I changed my address with them the year before and asked if they needed me to fill out a new W-2 and they said no, you do not need to fill anything out. So even though I didn’t work in VA at all last year, can I file taxes to get the $600+ from them so I can keep my federal tax return for other bills? And a new set of wheels?)

I want to clean up the apartment but I pretty much have no idea how it gets so messy when I spend so little time in it. I have like 1.5-2 hours a night most nights in it, where I make and eat dinner, watch some tv and or internet. I should just have some dishes and maybe some laundry. but instead everything is everywhere and when I clean up two days later it is all everywhere again. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?

Dulles Sportsplex. Saturday. 4pm. BE THERE.


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6 responses to “Achievement Unlocked: Return to Routine

  1. Turbo Tax got the money I paid to the wrong state back in my taxes (my employer was taking my taxes out to DC instead of MD while I was living there). You should be able to get it back from the state.

  2. Scoriental Express

    Don’t use poisons in a rink. Temple Hills has super sticky floors and it’ll be like glue skating around in poisons. (They are wonderful in the Armory though!)

  3. Tash

    So jealous of ThinkGeek!! Have a great time! Also, there are a TON of “Clean Your House” checklists online that could help with the apt cleaning. The best tip I ever got was “Do NOT clean for more than 15 minutes.” My OCD wont let me do that, but it stops my brain from thinking it will be an all day event. Also, cleaning the shower works this shit out of your legs; good for skating!

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