My immune system…has been…compromised…tell my mom…I love he………….

so yesterday afternoon as I sat at my desk trying to decide if I should just lump all of the Nuclear Terrorism hearings together or separate them out by date (FDSys lumps them, but includes the titles for each one and the dates they occurred. I still haven’t decided.) I noticed that my throat was sore. This happens sometimes because I am sometimes a mouth breather. So I drank some water. AND THE PAIN DID NOT GO AWAY. EVER. FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. UNTIL 3-4 AM when I drank two hot toddy’s sans the booze (which means hot water with lemon and honey) and it finally was like “ahhhhh” long enough that I could get back to sleep. This morning I was a bit behind and did not get my faux toddy and my throat is all “well, fine, now I am going to ITCH ABOMINABLY.” Anyone got some English muffins? Because that is the best way to scratch an itchy throat. Toast and eat english muffins. FOREVER.

Speaking of reasons to CAPS like it’s a fandom community, JOHN CORBETT AND BO DEREK CAME TO THE HEARING ROOM FOR MY MORNING OFFICE TODAY. And speaking of fandom and the internet and memes (my segues are smooth as ice, y’all)…DCRG is trying to win the chance to bout against Philly at this years ECDX. So they memed. TO THE MAX.

Got the schedule mostly done for Saturday so I can focus on cleaning and also on practicing lateral movement on my balcony these next three evenings. I told Dr Z I’d decide this weekend which comps I would take, but I think I’ve mostly decided on July. But to do July I need the place in reasonable shape so I can sit down and study while cooking/eating dinner after skating, instead of sitting around not doing anything but thinking I should really be picking up.

Oh, and Dad? Even though I know you read this, it’s still creepy when you call me up to talk about things you’ve only learned of by reading my blog.

Derby at the Dulles Sportsplex Saturday! Doors open at 3, action at 4! Get your tickets now! (And bring your own chair!)



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5 responses to “My immune system…has been…compromised…tell my mom…I love he………….


  2. Hot toddys have tea in them too! (get better!)

  3. I don’t like that you’re sick but I like the post. Feel better soon.

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