Unicorn Tears

It probably escaped you after I faux-died in the blog entry title yesterday, but I am a bit of a drama queen when it comes to minor illnesses. but OH MY GOD IT IS FUCKING COLD AND FLU SEASON, SENATE, MAKE YOUR COFFEE SHOPS STOCK HERBAL TEA DAMMIT. NOT STOCKING HERBAL TEA MAKES UNICORNS CRY.

Yesterday, my friend Claire tweeted this link at me: London Rollergirls on UnFictional. I recommend you download it, I couldn’t get the show to play over streaming (I got the ads, but not the show). It’s a nice bit on London Rollergirls and a bit about the sport in general. The London Rollergirls also did an awesome video to advertise their allstars (London Brawling–how awesome is that name?!?!) bout against some other European skaters:

yes, I did spend my shower this morning singing Olivia Newton-John.

I would really like to breathe through both nostrils, please.

Don’t forget to come out to the Dulles Sportsplex Saturday for some City versus Suburbs action! Cap Offs versus NOVA, then All Stars versus Suburbia. Action starts at 4.



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2 responses to “Unicorn Tears

  1. Holy crap. That video just made my night.

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