Dreaming of Derby and also some whining

Dreaming: So this morning I woke about 30 minutes before my alarm went off. My brain interpreted that fact that I hadn’t slept through my alarm as permission to do so. *frownyface* While I slept, I had many wacky dreams (and no cold meds to justify the wackiness!) including making a super tiny track in my parents’ back yard and actually doing crossovers! They were so easy! So gonna do crossovers tomorrow, you guys. It’s a done deal. Derby 101, look out-I’m gonna be awesome. (or fall a lot and look ridiculous, as per usual. but still, the amount of snickering will be awesome, so I’ll still be awesome. ;))

Whining: OH MY GOD NOSE, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, STUFFY OR RUNNY? Also, when I sneeze my forehead hurts and when I blow my nose, the top of my head hurts. Fuckin’ sinuses. Finally: kidney stone on the left. Not awesome, kidneys. Not awesome at all. Also, I forgot to tell you that Fitzy kitty ate a used bandaid on Wednesday and spent the day barfing all over my apartment and I have run out of pet stain remover. Also, I bled on the carpet on Tuesday (blister went apeshit when I pulled off the bandaid.) Anyone know how much it costs to rent a carpet cleaner? Between the blood and the puke and the red crystal light stains that resolve deep traffic carpet foam doesn’t remove, I have serious need.

Derby: At Dulles Sportsplex! Tomorrow! Doors at 3! Bring your own chair! BE THERE!

Edited to Add: The Boy is at the ER. I do not like that. I demand health and lack of pain for him! GIVE IT!

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