Derby 101 part 2!

OMG DED. Today we worked on all-8s (skating with all 8 wheels on the floor at all times), weaving, hops, and endurance. Endurance, in this case, means attempting 25 laps in 5 minutes.

I was already exhausted by the time I got to endurance. My thighs hurt and I couldn’t breathe enough air to satisfy my body and OH MY GOD SO THIRSTY I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE. So I fell. And then I fell again (and elbowed my boob, OUCH) and fell and fell and fell. But, even though my thighs rebelled, even though I didn’t want to, I got back up again. And got back up again. And again and again and again. And when the 5 minute whistle blew, I had done 11 laps. So that’s my baseline I have to improve on. The second the whistle blew I beelined for my water (which the lovely AK, who was observing, had refilled for me earlier, after I already downed the quart that had come from home with me.)

But before that, I was already falling a lot. I have to say, the heartless wheels are FABULOUS for speed, but they’re too slick to do for all 8 wheels until I’m more comfortable, so I’m thinking I’ll mix them with the softer wheels when I am on the rink so I can keep my feet under me without sacrificing all the speed. There is now a lovely purple line right across the crack of my ass because I kept falling on my tailbone (though the first gazillion or so didn’t actually hurt-I’m well padded-but once I started landing higher up on my ass, it got bad. I did start falling forward, mostly toward the end of the session when my legs were like “fuck you, we’re not picking up these skates anymore,” and I did it right! so yay me.

Everyone was so encouraging and kept telling me I was doing great (which I ate up even as I refused to believe it-I was doing awful! but I think really what they’re talking about is that as much as I wanted to just lay down in a corner and huff and puff, I kept getting back up.)

By the time I got in the car, I was like “dude, I am ready to sing and dance the night away!” which was unfortunate, as I forgot that I left David asleep in my bed, so I sang at the top of my lungs until I walked into the bedroom and saw him under the covers. Oops!

Today!!!!! City VS Burbs, DC Cap Offs V NOVA RD, then All Stars V Suburbia! Dulles Sportsplex! $12! Beer! BYOC (chair) and be there by 4!



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3 responses to “Derby 101 part 2!

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  2. Pains

    Not giving up is probably the most important skill in derby and you got lots of it! All you have to do is keep going. xoxo

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