Bout Report, and The Trouble With Walking

Edited to add: it’s official!! DC Rollergirls are #10 in the region! They’ll be going to the 2012 eastern regionals! Congratulations, ladies!

Okay, before I talk about the bout, I wanted to mention some stuff I was in too much of a hurry to mention last post (and for those of you who didn’t know, I blogged Saturday. I know it’s not the norm, but I wanted to give the bout report AND derby 101 the attention they deserve and not have to put one write up off an extra day to keep to the M-F schedule)…mainly, I just want to marvel at how many DCRG skaters know my name/who I am. I had no idea! I mean, when thinking logically, it makes sense, because I am in a position of authority as a volunteer and I try to be active on the mailing lists and in my committees (I’m a lot quieter in bout committee, but I rarely need to speak up there, anyway, because a lot of what we talk about is stuff others have more experience in/with.) But when I walked in to Temple Hills and Fizzy Lizzy Lemonraider said hi, when Stabby told me how excited she was to see my name on the sign up for Derby 101, I might have squeed internally a little bit. I’ve talked with skaters and always assumed they knew I was a volunteer but didn’t necessarily know who I was, and they’re all kinda rock stars to me. (Though some of them are rock stars I hang out with. but still. ROCK STARS.) Also, I want to especially thank Screamer, who skated some of my laps with me, encouraging me and reminding me I could do this and just being there so I could have the “if you quit you’re disappointing your friend/teammate” mentality, which works way better on me than the “if you quit you’re disappointing yourself” mentality does.

After Derby 101, I wrote up my blog post and got all showered and headed out to Dulles for the bout. I would have gotten there sooner, but before I left I spent 30 minutes looking for the bouncer badges. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t with my other derby stuff! Right as I was leaving, resigned to telling Pants and Funsized Jenn that I am the worst head bouncer ever and had lost the badges in my 1 BR apartment, I remembered that I gave the envelope to Pants at the end of the last bout so I could leave as soon as the match was over.

The usual time/arrival reqs were less strict than usual, and I think set up suffered a bit for it (despite the fact that I was a bit late, in terms of our usual timing, arriving at 2:15 instead of before 2, the suicide line wasn’t finished, it was done in different types and colors of tape, there were no spots taped off for officials or for media–I foolishly didn’t think of doing those, as they are usually taken care of before we start our safety taping)…I asked Limbs Akimbo and Justin Sanity (two of our refs–thanks guys!) to help me with labeling the suicide line after I got some silver sharpies out of my car for the bits done with black tape (Dixie said to me on my way back in, “and you just HAPPENED to have 3 silver sharpies in your car. I love you.”) and everything got taken care of before the spectators started arriving, but it was surprising to me what was and wasn’t done at that time.

First bout was our B team, the Capital Offenders, against NOVA roller derby. NOVA, I believe, plays with a different ruleset than we do, and it showed. They did their best, and they had some great moves (and some fast jammers!) but the final score was 381-51. The NOVA girls were very good natured about it, and I had a blast with them at the after party (there was some booty shakin’ going on!) The second bout was the WFTDA sanctioned bout between the DC All-Stars and Suburbia Rollerderby (based out of Yonkers.) This was a highly anticipated match, as they beat us (though not by much!) last time we skated against them, and we wanted to take them down. The first half was incredibly close, with the lead switching back and forth between the teams the whole while, but the second half, DC kept widening the score gap until we finished, 247-137. I put Puppy (The Boy’s roommate) to work helping with breakdown, and then we headed to the after party. (The Boy missed this bout, being VERY TIRED. He slept pretty much ALL DAY Saturday. The ER sent him home without a diagnosis (all the tests came back fine) and he was okay Friday night, but I guess it took a lot out of him!) I meant to only stay at the party for an hour or so, but, as is often the case, I was there much longer. (It’s just SO MUCH FUN, you guys. Partying with rock stars.)

Yesterday and today, however, I have paid for my partying. My legs didn’t hurt at the party because I had a beer (with a highish ABV content). My legs were KILLING ME yesterday and are again today. Stairs. Stairs are challenging. Standing up is challenging. Sitting down is challenging. (In both of those last two cases, I mean the actual act of getting up or down, not the standing or sitting and not moving parts.) I brought my gear with me in the car, but I don’t know if I am going to skate at all tonight or just go straight home for laundry doing and kitchen cleaning. (Which I will be doing whether or not I skate.) I want to get skating in, but I also want to make sure my muscles are healed before I go tearing them up again. We’ll see how I feel after walking to my car at the end of the day.

LINKS! Here are some derby and bout related links:
SLZE sports covered the Saturday bout. There’s video. You know you wanna watch. Especially for the “and stay down!” hit on Suburbia’s Hard Core-vette (Solie knocked her down, she got back up, then Chinese Cheker was like “uhm, no.” and down she went again. But derby is such that when the jam was over, Cheker went right to Hard Core-vette and patted her shoulder and back in a supportive “you done good, kid” gesture.)

tips and tricks for derby girls

DCRG’s own Whips and Pains’ blog

Scandal’s pics of the bout.

DCRG’s Lady Burn Johnson talks derby with Washington Flyer magazine. “DC is often cited as the nerdiest league in rollerderby.”



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3 responses to “Bout Report, and The Trouble With Walking

  1. That was you guys that wrote on the tape! Me and someone else (can’t remember who, maybe Gum?) were laughing about the things that were written on it. Nice work.

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