Quickie post

Didn’t skate last night because getting into and out of the car was so difficult that you’d have thought I was 9 months pregnant with an invisible baby. got the kitchen tidiedish (need to do more dishes) and laundry done (of course now it’s all over my couch…but it’s folded, at least.) Caught up on seasons 4 and 5 of The Guild. Gonna skate after work today (it is so gorgeous out!)

Far too much of my lunch break was spent dealing with senate parking, who claim I didn’t leave my spare keys in my car. I got to my car and saw them before I even opened my door, so eff you guys for making me waste time I could (and would!) have spent applying to a job. Now it will have to wait until I get home. Spent the morning in the attic, which was actually kinda fun, but it was prefaced with my morning boss asking me why it was taking so long to go through the [name redacted] files…(because there was a closet full of them, and I’m also teaching everyone how to archive their own records and creating inventories and I have to wait on other people to do their shit, and oh yeah I ONLY WORK 20 HOURS A WEEK) but of course I can’t say all that to my boss so instead I just pointed out that there are a lot of records to get through (and bit my tongue on the fact that in order to not do a shit job, I have to, you know, look at them all, not just assume the labels, if there are any, are accurate.) She seemed unimpressed. Which is annoying. Hello your committee hasn’t consistently archived in a million years, how am I supposed to archive everything ever in 6 months of part time work?

Lunch time is over. Skating tonight and Thursday for sure, and Saturday morning too.


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