Stuff I Never Used to Do Before Rollerderby that I Do All The Time Now

1. Pee without touching the toilet seat
2. Practice derby stance while feeding cats and cleaning out the litter box
3. voluntarily choose to wake up before 8 am on a Saturday.
4. Voluntarily work out.

And yet now I do those ALL THE TIME OH MY GOD. #3 I am actually doing THIS SATURDAY despite the fact that there is not a scheduled event going on. I just decided I would meet some other skaters at Anacostia Saturday morning.

Last night I met up with a few of the other meat girls (there are too many of us with some variation of the name “megan.” WE NEED DERBY NAMES NOW) and we skated at Anacostia. (Do you think if I type “Anacostia” some more, it will be more or less likely to horrify my mother?*) I can do crossovers! Not at all consistently, but I definitely did them! The first time I did it I shouted to B “I did a crossover!!!” and then promptly tripped myself as she encouraged me. Which was pretty much how it went every time, except instead of tripping myself sometimes I just stumbled or ALMOST tripped myself. Jo also notes that I seem to be putting my front foot down heel first, which is not correct, so I gotta work on that.

After some skating we were sitting around talking about different exercises when some random dude walked up to us. First he offered to sell us bootleg DVDs and sextapes. When we said “no thanks” he immediately switched into hitting on us all in bulk. It wasn’t like, ‘hey, you’re cute, let’s fuck, okay then, you’re cute” it was “hey which wanna y’all wanna be my girlfriend” and then he was outrageously offended when none of us took him up on the offer. We ignored his sputterings, and he disappeared like he had never been.

Things to remember to bring when I am skating, god dammit:
1. MY SKATE GLASSES. Skating in my expensive glasses is usually fine, but in case I do somehow break them, I’d like it to be the 7 dollar pair.
2. the big water bottle,because 20 ounces is SO not enough. In fact. BOTH water bottles.
3. something to pull my hair back with.

*for those of you not in the DC area, Anacostia is one of the less savory regions of the city. My mother has a mental image of DC all being like Anacostia, with Anacostia itself being like the Thunderdome, only with more entrants (but still only 1 man leaving)


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