Skating and work

going skating with the meat girls tonight. I was watching some videos, and I’ve found some stuff that will help with both crossovers and all-eights/sticky skates/sticky wheels, which is like doing coke bottles but crossing your feet before widening your stance again. It’s also good because you alternate which leg you cross with, so you’re a bit more even, muscle building-wise and skills building-wise. (I can do all eights slalom-style after Tuesday, but it’s still really slow, so I hope this helps with that.) I’ll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Honey graham crackers are an awful substitute for cookies. But, as The Boy pointed out, not as bad as saltines. (Speaking of The Boy, as of last night he still hadn’t scheduled a doctor’s appointment. Please comment to urge him to do so, since my threatening to withhold sex until he did made him laugh in my face. Virtually speaking.)

So at work this morning I was in the attic again. The attic for my morning office is extra cool, because you can look through these little lightbulb-change holes to see into the rotunda (only over by the rotunda, of course, not everywhere) and on the way to our attic space, you also go by the old capitol ventilation system, where they basically have this huge open room where they can lift up part of the floor and use fans to blow air out of the building. (Which is how they cooled the building back before central air) there’s all this HVAC stuff in there, now, too, but the original apparatus is still there. It’s so neat! The attic space itself is much more organized than I expected, too, though there is still a lot of room for improvement. There’re a lot of files up there we do not need, because they are redundant, so I got to throw a lot of crap away today. It is so weirdly satisfying to just take a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge pile of records and just plop ’em in a box labeled “trash.” It’s like, cathartic. DIE, GIANT PILE OF STUFF! DIE! Which is good, because I spent very little of last night cleaning. (I spent a lot of it looking for dessert recipes using meyer lemons that don’t require me to buy anything. It turns out my fridge and pantry are pathetic.)



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4 responses to “Skating and work

  1. To The Boy: GO TO THE DOCTOR. Seriously. I know how either feeling like there’s nothing they can do for you, or being worried they’ll find something horrible can put you off. It doesn’t matter. When you have a bad body issue that puts you in the ER it’s time to find out why. Though I don’t know you personally, I think Mels is rad and I don’t want to see her worried, hurt or trying to carry out threats that hurt her as much as you. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

    A Dude Who Dressed Up As The Doctor For Halloween

    • Thanks E. It’s actually that he hasn’t been able to get them to answer their damn phone, and finding someone who isn’t referred by the ER takes research which he can’t do except when he can’t actually schedule an appointment so he keeps forgetting. but nagging is necessary! to keep reminding him. (also, the ER has been unable to even diagnose twice now, which is lame. LAME. LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!)

  2. cabri

    Trash? I hope that’s a euphemism for recycling. Which is what will happen to the boy if he doesn’t get to the doctor stat!

    (No, I have no idea what that means, but it sounds forceful!)

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