Turn around, bright eyes: battling my brain

May the fourth be with you. here is a link of a turtle cosplaying Chewbacca.

My right sweater sleeve is covered in cat hair. My left sweater sleeve is…significantly less covered in cat hair. it’s not awesome. LESS CAT HAIR, PLEASE.

Last night, I learned that my brain likes to freak the hell out when I allow my legs to cross while on skates. The second one foot is in front of the other, my lizard brain goes “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU WILL FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!” Other things that enrage my brain: leading with my left foot when weaving left. What? I TOTALLY DID THAT ON SATURDAY! Why can’t I do it now? SHUT UP, BRAIN!!!

So basically, I learned that I have to retrain my brain. It’s a stubborn jerk, though, so this is gonna take a while.

My plow stops are actually stops again though, which for a while they were not.

Dr Z forwarded the comments from my failed comps essay so I can tailor my practice essays and studying habits. They will be helpful, I am sure, but they are also soulnumbing. Also, it is around the time (both calendar-wise and within our relationship) that I got dumped by the last boy and there are parts of my brain going “OMFG YOU ARE DOOMED DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED” and it keeps trying to drown out The Boy (who has a doctor’s appointment scheduled, BTW) who is like “uh, as far as I know, I still like you” and all sensible and stuff. SHUT UP, CRAZY PART OF MY BRAIN. CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

I’m going to eat another doughnut, goddammit.

Tomorrow: skate in the morning. brunch with Dixie? Trucko de Mayo 2:30 – 5 with the DC Rollergirls (dedication of the skate park across the street from the armory PLUS food trucks!)

Links and fun:
Are you burned out? Pissed off? Broken hearted? Derby dramz abound? Your feelings have been assigned a specific department. Give your league’s Grievance Committee a break, because operators are standing by at the Derby Department Of Disappointment Hotline! Just dial (513) 279-2229 (513-CRY-BABY). They’re ready to believe you! (IT’S REAL, Y’ALL)

10 Commandments of Derby

DCist write up of the April 28th bout with photos by James Calder/Shutterthug.

There’s at least one more but I’ll have to add it at lunchtime.

Season 6 Championship bout! tailgate with Mojo food truck and an All-Stars bake sale from 1-4 in lot 3 and the after party will be at Kelly’s Irish Times. Come out and have fun with the derby kids! May 12th! Will the Bombshells snatch victory from the undefeated Scare Force? Will the Demoncats defeat the Whips? FIND OUT!


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