Exciting! Thrilling! Clean…?

This was a busy bee weekend. Friday night I did…something? I honestly have no idea what happened on Friday. I think I might have made dinner and watched DVDs? That sounds rightish. I really don’t remember. At some point I went to The Boy’s place. We were very sleepy and basically didn’t do anything. I feel like there might have a been a trip to the grocery store. Ooh! Yes! We made blueberry milkshakes. And by we, I mean he, because I sat around uselessly and frowned when he ate ice cream off the spoon without offering me any.

Saturday I missed out on skating. I dreamed about missing out on skating, too. Apparently in my subconscious, the Saturday morning skate was actually DCRG skating in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. (Why they didn’t choose, oh I dunno, the GOTHAM rollergirls, I can’t tell you. My subconscious is a mystery.) But I did still make it to Trucko de Mayo. It was so fun! Comma and I walked around to see what was available to eat (the lobster roll truck line was so long, we ended up not getting any lobster rolls. which is sad. sad. sad.) and got ourselves lunch, and then one of my fellow meat girls got the Baltimore Bomb from Dangerously Delicious’ truck, and offered me a bite–SO GOOD OMG! Then the local School of Rock took the stage to inspire dancing (they were so good, you guys! My cousin is a SoR student in the Philly area, if your kids like music you should totally enroll them) and I finished the day by getting my own personal cheesecake from the cheesecake truck. It never really rained, though drops occasionally fell from the sky. Announcing loudly that it wasn’t raining seemed to intimidate them away.

I spent the evening picking up a little bit and then The Boy and I went to Franklin’s to see what the new menus had to offer. (They’re switching from having seasonal specials to having more stuff available year round.) I love being able to walk to and from a restaurant/brewery. And they put stout floats on the dessert menu! Bonus: the cinco de mayo crazed loonies skipped Franklin’s, so we got a table quickly and didn’t have to deal with drunken shenanigans. Instead we played scrabble together on our phones, because we are that sort of nerdy.

Sunday I spent cleaning some more (all public areas of my apartment are pretty clean, though I have to take my vacuum apart because it’s not picking up all the cat hair it should be, and I suspect a clog somewhere)…once the bedroom is returned to an orderly state, I will be borrowing a carpet cleaner from The Boy, because the cats keep making stains that I can only partially remove. (They like to spill my glasses of fruit punch ALL THE TIME! And also barf.) Then I headed over to The Boy’s to watch Game of Thrones.

I’ve settled on July for my comps, which means I have to write up a strict schedule for studying and skating and cleaning and socializing so I get everything done. My lunch hours are spent applying to jobs and working on this here bloggy blog.

SATURDAY MAY 12 is the CHAMPIONSHIP for the DC Rollergirls! Show up between 1-4 to tailgate with our lovely ladies, then watch the Majority Whips and the DemonCats duke it out for 3rd place before the Cherry Blossom Bombshells take on Scare Force One for 1st place! Live music and the Mojo food truck will be at the tailgate, too. And as always, we serve beer at the bouts! Get your tickets now! OR volunteer for two hours and GET IN FREE!


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