Migraines and Insomnia are Both AWFUL.

Yesterday I was super productive. I cooked. I cleaned. I laundered. I scheduled. I socialized. I rearranged furniture.

What I didn’t do was sleep. It sucked. I didn’t like it. I was tired. I wanted to sleep. My brain wouldn’t turn off, though. When 2:30 rolled around, I got up because there was a plasticky, crunchy noise in the living room. Normally this means Fitz is misbehaving, but he was in bed with me, so I could not imagine what Zelda was up to. It turns out that my moving of furniture revealed to her keen kitty senses a package of catnip that 1800 PetMeds had included when I ordered the kitty intestinal lube for Fitz. She destroyed the packaging and poured at least 2 ounces worth onto the carpet and rolled and licked and huffed all night. No wonder she was an unwed teenage pregnant homeless kitty before the Baltimore shelter found her! She’s bonkers for the ‘nip, man! Fitzy, who I would have guessed inherited her addiction, was surprisingly unimpressed by the catnip.

While Z got her fix (and after I took the package from her and sealed it up in a ziplock bag which is now locked in a cabinet) I spent a while watching pin-up hairstyle tutorials on youtube, since slumber was busy scorning me. I fell asleep sometime after 4 and woke with my alarm, but I was all migrainey and ended up missing work today. THis worries me, because I was told to come in even when I have migraines rather than appear unreliable. However, when the migraines come with enough dizziness that I can’t walk in a straight line, I am not going to endanger myself or others by driving to work, and if I walk to the metro and take the train in, I am just as unreliable-seeming because I’m way late AND I’m miserable and icky feeling at work, and it seems if I’m going to be tarred with the “shitty employee” brush, I may as well do it where I can barf in peace. And here is where I get defensive:

IF any of you think migraine just means “very painful headache” and that I must be a wuss for skipping work, I’d like you to die in a fire. Migraines are a neurological condition which MAY include headache as a symptom, but may also include nausea; vomiting; synesthesia; visual, aural, gustatory, and olfactory hallucinations; blurred vision; delirium; vertigo; weakness; polyuria; and many, many others. Alice in Wonderland? All of the wonderland sequences were inspired by migraines. When Alice grows extremely large and extremely small? That’s a neurological condition associated with migraines. It is in fact known as the Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. So before you tell a migraineur “suck it up” and “work through it” think. You wouldn’t tell Michael J. Fox to act despite his ALS. You wouldn’t tell a person with a broken leg to walk it off. I do the best that I can, and I work harder because I know that a migraine can happen at any time so I better be ready when it does, and if that isn’t good enough for you, then you aren’t good enough for me.

Anyway, that’s why today’s post is late-I spent the day recovering. Now I am going to look at pictures of bunnies so I am not in a horrible mood and on the verge of tears for the rest of the day.



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2 responses to “Migraines and Insomnia are Both AWFUL.

  1. Tash

    That was very informative. I didn’t really know what migraines were outside of a “really bad headache” that made you sick. Poor Mellywinks. Yeah, I said that. It’s in my head and now its time to let it out. It’s kind of like Lemmywinks, but not in a fourth grade classroom or Mr. Slave’s anus.

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