Focusing on positives

I couldn’t sleep AGAIN last night. Normally when I have a migraine, no matter how much I sleep, once it is gone I can still sleep through the night. Not last night. My brain just kept having the same imaginary argument over and over. But I am not going to talk about that. (Although if things go badly after lunch, I might make a second post for it.) I’m going to focus on good stuff.

-I didn’t die or crash my car at any point in the past week
-Fitzy has become both snuggly and purry at night, and it’s so cute!
-I can afford to go to Deja Bruise this season! It’s gonna be so fun!!
(Deja Bruise is the league and pit crew only end of the season party for DCRG. There’s always a theme and there’s an open bar and you get to dress up! I was just starting my new part time job when it happened last year so I couldn’t go then. This will be my first!)

Derby Biz:
The DC Rollergirls are happy to have staff from the Center for Missing & Exploited Children join us at Saturday’s bout. Please stop by the Charity Table to learn more about the organization, learn about Missing Children’s Day, pick up some neat giveaways for children, and meet their mascot, Clicky. We also encourage you to visit their website and view missing children in our area.

If you’re planning on coming to the DC Rollergirls bout this Saturday, our normally priced $10 parking is jumping to $20 due to the Chili Cook-Off at RFK. Don’t forget the Armory is a VERY easy walk from the Stadium/Armory metro station!


From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

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