Cycling ’round again

Hi! I slept last night! It was amazing! I loved it! Although I could have done without waking several times toward the tail end of nighttimes, but that’s okay!

Last night after work I ran an errand that took way longer than it should have and then had to make dinner, so day one of New Schedule studying started a bit late. But I let it go later than scheduled, so no big. (more on errands in a sec.) From about 5pm I was so tired that I was certain I’d fall asleep while studying, but I didn’t! Yay! (Also, I learned that it’s totally normal for the bones in your pork chop to bleed when you sear it. (I called my mom to make sure.) Normal, it turns out, doesn’t make it look less creepy.) Then, after studying, I went to bed. And slept. (And dreamed that I was living with The Boy and Puppy but The Boy was never around and Puppy kept coming into rooms just as I was changing my clothes all the time. Oh and a terminator’s head exploded without actually exploding and it turned my cell phone mostly clear (with golden brown bits). There was also a bit with roller derby, because all my dreams include roller derby now, even if only on the periphery. Also dreamed about listening to No Doubt, which was obviously prophetic because this morning I saw a post on FB about No Doubt releasing a new album.)

Errands: I went by target to get some foam hair curlers to practice wet-setting my hair (and then styling it) before Deja Bruise. While I was there, because I only have 1 pair of shorts to work out/skate in and my sports bras are not sufficiently supportive (I bought them when I was a b cup. I am now a d cup. NOT USEFUL.) I stopped by the activewear section. Apparently the only people who wear sports bras according to Target are tiny-tittied or uninterested in pretty undergarments, or both. They had 1 style of sports bra that actually used cup sizes instead of “S, M, L” sizing. All of the bras in that style were white with weird seaming, and all but one of them was a 34B. The other one was a 36DD. I WOULD LIKE SUPPORT WHILE I DO MY SKATING AND OFF-SKATES WORKOUT, PLEASE. I’ve found some via internets, but they all cost like 40 bucks for the cheapest one and I do not have that kind of money for a single garment.

Today is day 2 of New Schedule (I know, it’s tough to remember day two follows day one.) On Thursdays I skate at Anacostia with the other meat girls. Miso Knotty, retired Bombshell, will be there too to help us out (she is also one of the skaters who ran the 2nd derby 101 clinic, so she is planning on putting us through our paces a bit! 25 in 5 and pace line work was mentioned.) Tomorrow (day 3 for those of you having trouble keeping up) is another study day (laundry, too). I was reading an article about how Switzerland is considering a system where everyone gets 2500 francs a month. I don’t know how much money 2500 francs is because I am lazy and not googling it, but I would like to be given money monthly so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about whether or not I can pay my bills. This program would replace unemployment insurance and social security style income supplement programs, but it would not just go to not-working people, it would go to everyone. IT’s certainly an interesting idea. If I was the beneficiary of such a program, I would be able to do stuff during the week outside of the hours of 6:30 to 9:30! How exciting that would be! The current schedule has me skating Mon and Thursday evenings, hanging with The Boy Tuesday evening, and studying Wed and Fri evenings. Saturday mornings also get skate time, and most cleaning and errands are scheduled for Sunday. Saturdays and Sundays have plots of unscheduled time which I expect to use on spending time with The Boy sometimes as well as doing extra stuff (like, this weekend, derby. or, another time, baking. or reading. or tv watching. or whatever.) But if I didn’t have to work as much? OMG ALL THE THINGS I COULD DO! WHENEVER!

Oh hey, lunch time is over. Oops. GO TO THE DERBIEZ THIS WEEKEND



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6 responses to “Cycling ’round again

  1. $40 bra? I’m jealous. Mine start around $65 and average around $80. 😦

  2. 300poundsdown

    AH! Is this roller derby> Like that movie with Drew Barrymore. I stumbled on your blog and I’m psyched. I hope you post pics!! We love roller derby

    • Yes! It’s a bit different than what they show in Whip It–we do flat track rather than banked track, and a lot of the stuff they do in the movie is illegal and/or downright impossible to do on the track in real derby (that scene where the entire team turns around and knocks everyone on the opposing team down with their forearms would get them in a LOT of trouble, and they could never even manage to do it at exactly the same time)…I only have a crappy camera phone, but after every bout I link to the photos our league photographer shares!

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