The bout itself was awesome, though it FLEW BY! When it was all said and done, Scare Force One won the day, maintaining their undefeated status for season 6. The Cats pulled it out and got a win under their belts after a rough season of learning to work together without several of their more experienced heavy hitters from seasons past. The final scores were Scare Force One 229 to the Cherry Blossom Bombshells 102, and the DC DemonCats 148 to Majority Whips 132.

Unfortunately for us, the tailgate and bout were at the same time/day as the DC101 Chili Cook-off at RFK Stadium (which is right next to the DC Armory). This could have potentially been great, because as people walk from the metro to RFK we could talk to them about coming by and checking out the bout, and we in fact did a bit of that. I was handing out parking passes to DCRG volunteers as they arrived, and a fair number of Chili Cookoff attendees talked to/with me, and I know many also stopped by the tailgate party. Unfortunately, the company that RFK and the Armory (?) contracted to manage parking were, well, not terribly cooperative. I am sympathetic to being the person who isn’t making the decisions but has to enforce them, but some of the employees were incredibly rude to our volunteers and fans, and whoever was calling the shots was an idiot. They refused to allow anyone in to our lot who did not have a parking pass (which meant our fans couldn’t park) and then the refused to let anyone in at all, regardless of parking pass, only repeated that their boss insisted they close the lot. I had to go inside to deal with my head bouncer duties around that time anyway, so I spoke to our rep from the Armory and let her know what was going on and she got it taken care of lickity split. She is awesome, you guys. However, not too long after, the police decided to block off all motor vehicle access to the armory and the lot in which we park. We still have no idea why. Rebecca got that taken care of as well, but we suspect it cost us in attendance.

Despite the smaller-than-we-had-hoped crowd, we did some serious business at the merch table, selling out of some products, and we had a few new volunteers and new fans in attendance. Also, I WON A PIE from Dangerously Delicious (chocolate cream). It was tough going at the silent auction table, because Bombshell Frightmare wanted that pie too! I wanted to be able to bring it home with me for Mother’s Day, however, and ended up victorious. I also chatted with a hopefully new fan who is from the Indianhead, MD area (I used to live down in Great Falls, so I would go by that area when going to and from Mom and Dad’s) and apparently makes some amazing pies. I hope he joins us when season 7 kickstarts!

Before we opened the doors to our fans, we got some photos done of the refs, NSOs, and the volunteers, courtesy James Calder, aka Shutterthug. In case you can’t tell, I am the one with the fez (and the rose that was one of many brought out by one of our regular volunteers, who has a very robust rose bush at home)

DCRG Volunteers, Photo copyright DC Rollergirls/James Calder from Roller Derby Saved My Soul

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