weekend wrapup and monday night skating

or as I like to call it, monday night sitting next to the rink fiddling with nuts and bolts for an hour and a half. Earlier this month, someone (Frak? Comma? I can’t remember) noted that my plates were set pretty far back. As I skated (completely alone!) at Anacostia last night, trying to master crossovers by skating around one of the painted circles at the middle of the pavilion, I remembered that comment, because every time I shifted my weight from my left foot to my right, my left foot would go up on tiptoe and I’d end up tripping on my (already as high as it can go) toestop. So, I figured I’d move the plates forward, distributing the weight over the wheels instead of my toes. Only I ended up spending an hour and a half fruitlessly frustrating myself because I couldn’t get all the nuts off the bolts which hold the plates in place. And it turns out (as Hellie, Screamer, Deadly, and Raptor all informed me a bit later on) that though most of skate maintenance stuff is easily adjusted/adjustable, plates are not one of those things. So potentially easy magic fix is out of my reach, at least for now. I ended up only actually skating for about 20-30 minutes. I was very grumpy. I had the pavilion to myself because everyone else went to Temple Hills for fear of the pavilion being rain-filled. (It was bone dry, so I saved me a dolla! But I suspect if I had gone to TH, Scorey and Comma would have stopped me from wasting time. Alas!)

The after party on Saturday was very fun, though I didn’t stay too long because The Boy wasn’t feeling well and went home straight from the bout, and I wanted to spend some time with him. I left around 10. But before I did, I danced with Screwy and Dixie and danced and chatted with many fellow volunteers, got told by a cop (it was police week) that I had “the best uniform down there” (in the downstairs bar where our party was) despite not wearing a uniform, and mistakenly worried I was towed because I thought I parked on Louisiana when I actually parked on Delaware. I didn’t skate before the bout because the good lot was full of cars (WHAT? HOW DARE YOU PARK IN THE GOOD LOT) and my wheels for the bad lot are backordered. Thinking I won’t have them for this Saturday, either, which peeves me. Might see about canceling the order and getting aerobics instead of pulses, or getting the pulses from another retailer. Didn’t get much done Sunday, either, before heading out to mom and dad’s with The Boy (first meeting there-went well I think) for mother’s day, hard-won pie in tow.

Today is Hang With The Boy day on the post-work schedule. I look forward to it. Relaxing is needed.

I don’t yet have photos from Saturday’s bout, but here are some from the City VS Suburbs bout last month by Shutterthug!



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2 responses to “weekend wrapup and monday night skating

  1. I love my aerobic sure grips and at only $30, I’m not going to be heartbroken if they get screwed up.

    • yeah. but the pulses are SEE THROUGH! Ehh, I got nothin. I used the aerobics when I was borrowing Batty’s outdoor skates, and I definitely like them. I just hate having to go through the hassle now of cancelling 😉 but saving money is a nice thing.

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