Revising Goals Part 1

Ooh, wordplay! Fun. Before I forget, AGAIN, here is the link to the DCist write ups from Saturday’s bout, complete with 21 photos by our very own Shutterthug.

Okay. So. Yesterday I posted my goals and whether or not I have achieved them. My skating goals, it turns out, were a bit vague and loosey goosey because I didn’t know exactly what it was I needed to do, and what that stuff was called, and all that. I know more now, so I am going to revise those goals.
1. Crossovers: should be smooth, brisk, going in and out of turns, and performed consistently. No tripping, pushing with both feet.
2. All-eights: I need to achieve the figure eight form consistently and use my hips more
3. 1 foot glides: I need to be able to do this much longer than I currently can. balance!! Practice on straightaways and curves.
4. Weaving: need to work on leading with the correct foot (left for weaving left, right for weaving right)
5. Hops and Lateral Hops: need to stay low as soon as I land, keep arms in!
6. Static stepping and staying still: use wheels more for stepping, move less while squatting! Don’t fall!
7. stops: plow stops are taking too long to stop-gotta keep working on squeezing those thighs! (bonus: turn around and hockey stops-attempt if you make meat camp!)
8. 1 knee falls: work on recovery time
9: All four falls: dude, gotta try these before tryouts! STOP WUSSING OUT, IT DOESN’T HURT. THAT’S THE POINT. Keep your hands in fists.
10. Baseball falls: see all four falls. DO IT.
11. Single knee turn falls and rock star falls: work on recovery time and not putting your hand down.
12. 25 in 5: get at least 18 laps in before 5 minutes elapse. Once this is achieved, try for 25.

These goals are pre-meat camp and pre-WFTDA exams goals. If I don’t make meat camp, then these will be things I want to do by September. The falls-definitely pre-meat camp, even if I don’t make it. numbers 2,3,5,8, and somewhat 12 are less important right now. Priority-wise, the things that I have to be able to do to get into meat camp are my priority ones-falls, crossovers, consistently good plow stops. The others are priority twos, to work on during meat camp or this summer.
Last night, I did not do dishes or make fried rice, but I did study. So there’s that. I think I need to increase my study time, though, so there will be study timed added in on the weekend. I was just too lazy to do it last night. Also, to make up for my absence last week, I’m staying late this week and Monday, so everything starts later.


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