That *does* put a damper on our relationship

I went skating last night at Anacostia Pavilion with the other meat girls and Camilla the Hun. Hun gave me a lot of tips on what I need to work on to get consistent crossovers (which includes finding my balance for longer when skating on my inside foot, so goal prioritization must adjust a bit.) I had noticed the past couple times I was skating that I was getting pain in my shins, and Hun and one of the meat girls who is a trainer at a gym showed me some exercises to help with shin splints, which I apparently have. (Anyone know of a non-banana, non-sports drink way to increase potassium? Apparently that helps, and I HATE bananas.) So I’ve got to work some more flexibility training in with my strength training.

We also did a little work on whips, because whips are fun. Whips are when one skater giver another skater a bit of a boost in speed, transferring their own momentum to the skater getting whipped by pulling the whippee past the whipper. (Youtube it, I am sure there are tons of examples that make more sense than my explanation.) It was really fun! We did outside whips and inside whips (where the whipper was standing still, because many of us are still fairly coltish on skates) and then Hun showed us a way to work on our upper body strength and practice the whipping motion. You hold hands with 1 other skater, pull them forward, and then they pull you forward, then you pull them forward, over and over, all around the rink. I was not pulling from the shoulder enough and pulled my partner LM into me instead of past me, and in order to avoid knocking her down, I ended up tripping over myself and twisting my ankle. :/ It REALLY hurt for a couple seconds, but I knew it was just a little twist and if I could work my ankle a bit I’d be fine. (Poor LM felt so bad, I wanted to hug her and assure her it’s my own klutzarama self to blame!) So I sat down and rolled my ankle and flexed it in various directions until it stopped hurting, and I was fine. I geared down, packed up, and walked over to talk to some of the other girls about working out together (we had talked about it at a previous session, but hadn’t settled anything.) While we were talking, I dropped my keys into the rink near a drain. I was standing up on a step, and as I stepped down I was putting all my weight on my just recovering ankle (this was literally like 15 minutes after I had injured it!) and re-injured it (though I didn’t actually fall to the ground and roll over in a whiny pile of whine this time, just stumbled.) I limped to my car with the other girls, and found that driving was less comfortable than it had been, and RICEd my ankle (well, I saved compression for today…) and hoped I’d be okay. I woke around 4:30 this morning and ended up taking 2 extra strength tylenol (because that’s the first NSAID I pulled out of the Bag o’ Medicines) and when I got up I felt pretty okay. Still limpy, but not too bad.

Then I left the building and did the SAME DAMN THING AGAIN on the steps. It hurt so much I almost cried in front of the high schoolers waiting for their bus. I decided to avoid the steps down to the parking lot, instead taking the long way down the hill (which still motherfucking hurt OMG) and by the time I got to my car I had decided I would call the doctor.

I went into work and talked with my boss a bit and then headed out to the doctor, who told me to take 2 aleve twice a day for a week, get a neoprene brace for my ankle to support it, ice it for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day, and heat it for 10 minutes 2-3 times a day as well. After heating it, I am to trace the alphabet with my big toe (with no weight on my injured leg), then ice it when I am done to reduce swelling. (I’m telling you this mainly so I remember)…she also said that if I want to be able to do tryouts, I have to see a physical therapist, and gave me a generic ‘script to take to one closer to home than her office (which is near my parents’, but not so convenient to me. When you have the doctor office experiences I have had*, and you find a good one, if you don’t like 2+ hours from them you stick with them, dammit!)…the main issue is convincing my insurance to cover PT for a sprained ankle (which was the official diagnosis-neither my doc nor I felt an x-ray was necessary because neither of us think it’s broken, due to a number of factors, including the fact that I can pretty much walk)…normal procedure is to just rest it for a few weeks, but the expectation is that tryouts (which are still not announced) will be early June. I’ll barely be able to skate then if I just rest the whole time, let alone work on crossovers and hops and falls and skating backwards and all that stuff that I need to be able to do to pass my WFTDAs in September.

So. Shin splints. Sprained ankle. Anyone want a pair of legs, slightly used? I’ll trade ya for some of those springy prosthetic feet runners have (with detachable wheels, of course!!)

Look at the apple trying to escape my right ankle!! From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

*no, I won’t tell right now. Suffice to say that they sucked.



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12 responses to “That *does* put a damper on our relationship

  1. Potomac Ripper

    first derby injury, nice! Catalog em for good drinking stories. So far I’m (1) concussion (1) broken toe (2) broken fingers

  2. Yogurt, sweet potatoes, beans (especially white beans), raisins, tomatoes, dates! Yes, my family has potassium problems.

    • We’ve talked about my issues with beans, haven’t we? Basically the only thing on your list I don’t hate is yogurt. I only SORT OF hate yogurt. Frozen yogurt doesn’t count, does it?

  3. Tash

    Orange Juice!

  4. Tash

    I’ll trade you your legs for my bum shoulder, if I can keep my ass. Can I keep my ass?

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