Working out my ankle and my brain

So I have an appointment with a physical therapist for Thursday afternoon (though hopefully that is just for the intro session, because I can’t regularly miss work! I would hate to have to choose between my job and my skating, because if I want to continue eating, my job needs to win that fight.) I’ve been doing the alphabet thing, which is definitely helping (Saturday I could go up steps but needed to go sideways down the stairs if I wanted to avoid the both feet on the step method, today I can walk down the steps normally, for example) and the brace is helping a lot too. But Sunday morning when I looked at my foot, though the swelling had gone down a lot, I was horrified to see that the unbruised skin was now (for the first time since Thursday night) black and blue. It’s fading quickly, though, and this is what it looked like this morning:

From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Also, I only did the alphabet thing twice on Sunday because the first time I did it it hurt a lot more than it had previously (and since). I don’t know why.

I spent yesterday working on my study method, because re-reading things again isn’t really helping. So I picked out a few old comps questions that I’d be likely to want to answer if they were my exam questions and found a bunch of citations for them, so I can study those instead. This was only the first time I did it, but I figure if I do this for like 10 questions from a range of the past 4 exams (the one I took and all the ones from last year) then I am likely to get a range of citations that are general enough to apply to a range of questions that cover topics I am likely to be interested in answering anyway. Since I’m not skating tonight anyway, I’ll be using the time to study some more, and also write a practice essay or two, as well as touching base with Dr Z.

Otherwise, I am just grumped. It turns out my scale is a lying liar, and has not given an accurate reading since the first time it was used. There’s stuff at work that needs to get talked out, because I am wicked confused/frustrated but I didn’t really realize those things were an issue until later, and I don’t know how to go about talking about this in a way that is both professional and adult. Meh. I want to skate out the yuck so I can go about this more rationally, but I CAN’T SKATE RIGHT NOW ARGH

This weekend the DC Allstars and Capital Offenders went to Ohio to derby it up. from DCRG’s status update yesterday: “This weekend the DC All-Stars magic number is 30… with a win against Bleeding Heartland, DC All-Stars 188 to Bleeding Heartland 158 and again with a win against Cincinnati, to DC All-Stars 162 to Cincinnati 132. Also congrats the Capitol Offenders win this morning.” Photos of the CapOffs here and of both bouts here by two Cincy photographers.


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