Physical Therapy is Pretty Awesome, Actually

Sorry about yesterday, I was busy during lunch and it was a short lunch and then I forgot I had book club after work and basically I never got around to it. Sorry.

Today I had my first PT appointment. There was lots of talking and pushing and poking and “does this hurt? what about this?” for a bit and then some balancing on one foot and “what does that feel like?” and some walking and more poking and prodding and questions about pain. Then I got up on the table and we did some stuff that basically determined how much weaker my right ankle is (he said about 20% weaker) and he said that he thinks the injured bits are my pereneus longus tendon, and a tendon injury is easier to heal than a ligament injury. Then he pulled my leg off.

Well, not off. It’s still attached, really. He tugged gently, and made sure it didn’t hurt, then tugged more firmly, and again asked if it hurt, and then he yanked me halfway down the table, and told me to walk and see how it felt. And y’all, it FELT GREAT. We had three sessions of that, and then he did a fairly gentle pull-push thing for a bit and it seriously felt like I hadn’t ever hurt myself. Then I did some simple resistance exercises (it felt SO WEIRD to do one leg and not the other, you guys) and then some other exercises on this board with a ball in it thingy, and then I got extremely iced down (dude, that ice pack was cooooooooooooooooooooooold) for a while before being sent on my way with my very own rubber band thingy to do my resistance exercises several times a day. (basically whenever I want/can.) I can’t skate for a while, still (we’re operating on the assumption of 2 weeks right now) but the goal for those two weeks are to make it so I can walk for up to 2 hours without pain and also drive without pain (I can drive for a bit without pain, but more than 30 minutes tends to be problematic)…I’ll be seeing a different PT for the rest of my appointments so I can take as little time out of my work schedule as possible for this, and he was very encouraging about the idea of me skating in 2 or 3 weeks. Best case scenario for me is if the tryouts are announced as happening sometime during the last two weeks of June at the earliest, though there is an outside chance I’ll be able to skate beforehand. So, fingers crossed! I’d be so disappointed to miss the tryouts by like a week. If I don’t make it because of my skills, that’s one thing; not trying out at all is another. I would be so bummed.


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