Roller Derby Portraits by Kyle Cassidy!

You guys know I’m a bookworm, so it should surprise none of you that I first discovered Kyle Cassidy through the blog of one of my favorite authors. (Neil Gaiman.) And one of my favorite anthology editors. (Ellen Datlow.) They were sharing links to photos of authors in the places that those authors work. I would occasionally check up on Mr. Cassidy and see what he was working on, and smile when his name would come up in yet another blog written by an author I follow (he worked on the book trailer for Caitlin Kiernan’s book, The Drowning Girl. Go watch it right now, it’s lovely and intriguing!) Somehow or other, I discovered over on G+ that he also does roller derby portraits. I was very excited! I left a comment suggesting he let me know if he is ever in the DC area, so I can hook him up with DCRG. Little did I know he had already made plans (for mere days hence!) to photograph some of our lovely ladies. You should check out the facebook page for the book he is taking these photographs for! If you want a little taste, below we have several members of Scare Force One with the Skate of the Union trophy, Majority Whip Jackie Mae Day, and Cherry Blossom Bombshell Helen Killah! (click the pic for full size and captions)

From my album Roller Derby Saved My Soul

he also writes a bit about the experience photographing derby girls at his tumblr, though a post about DC is not up yet. I’ll link when it hits!


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2 responses to “Roller Derby Portraits by Kyle Cassidy!

  1. These are just totally, wonderfully awesome.

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