Day 2 of PT: Still Pretty Good, You Guys

oh look at all that capitalization in the post title! How fancy! and immediately destroyed by my random lack of capitalization here. sorry. I was going to post earlier but my lunch break was spent arguing with my bag about whether or not my iPod was in it (IT SO WAS, YOU LYING BRIEFCASE BAG THINGY!) and then I was gonna do it AS SOON as I got home, but I got distracted by this website about cooking inexpensive healthy food that tastes good; being a picky eater and a poor person, this appealed greatly. And the writer is funny, too!

Okay. So. 2nd physical therapy appointment was this morning. I got a call before leaving but the number was listed as unknown so I didn’t answer it. I probably should have, because it was the PT office (which normally shows up as an actual number) telling me that my PT was sick and to call to reschedule. Since I listened to the voicemail in the elevator on my way up to the office space, this was a bit disappointing (not to mention that I could have had breakfast! At home! had I known before leaving. Or blow-dried my hair. For example.) but since I was already there, I went in to reschedule. And they asked if I minded seeing another PT at the same time, since I was there. I did not, so they kept my regular appointment time. I did stuff on the BAPs board (the board with the globe thingy I mentioned last time-name thanks to new twitter friend Alyssa!) and did some resistance stuff. Both the PT I saw last week and the one I saw today noticed my supination and assumed it was from the injury–it’s not, I just walk on the outsides of my feet. You should see my airwalk flipflops–the outside edges are less than an inch high versus the front, where they’re still 1.5 inches. So I got some exercises to work on that, too, and the suggestion that I get some sort of insert to support my high arches without pushing my feet over onto the outside edges. I also did some leg lift thingies (on both legs, which was a nice change) that actually really made me a bit sore. I’ve been afraid to work out much the past two weeks because I didn’t want to make my ankle worse, and it definitely told in my soreness. I finished up with using my toes to grab bits of towel for 3 minutes. The PT I saw last week came in near the end of my session and was delighted to see that the bruising is almost gone. I have a feeling a very nice thank you card is in this office’s future, you guys. And I almost never send real cards.

Also, my friends at DCRG keep trickling in new pics by Kyle Cassidy, so because of that and since no Demoncats were featured in the previous post, here are two:

Aurora Borey All-Ass and BatCat, two of my earliest supporters when I first decided to skate! From Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Yes, Batty IS doing a cartwheel, on roller skates, in the middle of H Street. From Roller Derby Saved My Soul

I’m too lazy to fiddle with the code to merge the two tables or center the images. Also, it’s gotten dark and the only light is the monitor and that is not a recipe for safe code-fiddling. Trust me.

No one has weighed in negatively on my query about topics, so expect at least one post about relationships and feminism and LGBTQ stuff either tomorrow or next week (or, potentially, both)



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2 responses to “Day 2 of PT: Still Pretty Good, You Guys

  1. I’m glad the PT is working. I’m a great believer in PT, especially since my sister was one for 18 years before deciding to go to medical school and become a doctor!

    Hope it keeps improving. (Sounded like it was giving you a bad time last night.)

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