Joy boards and Sleepiness

I’m back to only one part time office instead of two part time offices, so you’d think I’d have more time for other stuff, right? So far, not so much. After my PT appointment and work half-day on Monday, I was all grumped (because of bureaucracy stuff, not because anything bad happened at work or during work) and sleepy and ended up napping for 4 hours and then sleeping an 8 hour night (and still almost oversleeping for work! Good thing my cats are naughty beasts!) and yesterday was very similar (I slept 2 hours after trying to get Mere to scold me into cleaning the kitchen. She refused, insisting I nap. Who am I to defy my friend?) but with visiting with the Boy in the evening. Today, though, I seem to be a bit more capable of staying awake, so I got some kitchen cleaning done (without a dishwasher, I can only do a small amount of dishes at a time, and the plastic containers and some of the glasses are resistant to towel-drying, with narrow bits and nooks and crannies where the water hides.) After I finish this, I’m going to make a pile of recyclable papers and then study until it’s time to meet The Boy for a Savor Week event (we’re going to Churchkey! I’ve never been! I’m very excited! Woo!)

So. Monday’s session was a bit different. Last week I had asked if I could do squats to keep up with derby form and they said yes and corrected my form, as I mentioned. So this week they had me do squats on a half-balance ball thingy (which was motherfucking HARD y’all, I had to be set up between parallel bars so I could grab them to keep from falling backward all the freaking time!) and do a squat on the joy board for 3 minutes. Basically that means squatting on a skate board that moves around a lot, in all three dimensions. I had it on the lowest speed setting, and I didn’t fall over or lose my balance or anything, but staying in a squat for 3 minutes? THAT WAS FUCKING BAD ASS, Y’ALL. I meant, I have to be able to do it for at least 2 minutes at a time regularly if I’m gonna skate derby anyway, but I have never yet actually tested that ability out, After 2 minutes it was like a competition-who would win, me or the board? I kept telling myself “you can totally squat for another minute” until there were only 30 seconds left, and then I changed to 30, 20, 10 seconds until I got to turn it off. My feet felt so heavy afterward it was like having mono all over again. Naturally, I’m looking way forward to doing it again tomorrow!

I was planning on making my return to skate on Friday, but all that sleeping got in the way, so tomorrow it is.


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