In general I do not drink much. I do not drink frequently, usually no more than once or twice a week, often going entire weeks without drinking alcohol, and no more than 1-2 drinks, generally. Because The Boy is a bit of a beer connoisseur, I’ve been imbibing a bit more often, though. And this week is Savor Week in DC, which is the preamble to Savor Craft Beer (which we are not attending, what with it costing lots of money and all.) Last night we went to an event at Churchkey, which is a BIG DEAL BAR in te DC beer realm. I got to try several Oregonian brewer Deschutes beers (Churchkey has 4 ounce pours, which is great, because then you can try lots and not have a monster hangover) including Abyss, which The Boy crowed over like it was the second coming and the one ring to rule them all combined (it was seriously good, you guys, but of the Deschuteseseseses I had, I preferred the Black Butte Porter and the Obsidian Stout, as the Abyss had a bit too much bitter/smoke to the finish for me.) We’ll be returning to Churchkey tomorrow for another event that has The Boy riled up, and there’s one celebrating Le Chouffe, which I am more excited about because I love Le Chouffe despite emotional baggage attached to it. But as a result of this week’s beerstravaganza, I feel like I should take some time off from alcohol (bourbon chocolate fudge pops being the exception) so a) I don’t become an alcoholic and b) my body has some time to recover from all this delicious poison.

Today is gonna be busy-I’m making sweet potato and chickpea puree in an attempt to get more healthy, stomach filling foods that come with fiber and protein that I will eat, doing laundry, cleaning up some more around the apartment, and then heading out to skate with my meat hopefuls at Anacostia (FINALLY) plus I want to snuggle my kitties, who have been acting like they like me lately 😉


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