I went to Anacostia Pavilion and skated with mah girls! And I got more comfortable skating on one foot, and am sort of getting crossovers to be better and more consistent and pushing with my left foot properly. Sort of. (The left foot part is my main issue right now-I’ve seen what it looks like but it feels SO WEIRD it’s hard to make my legs do that.) After about an hour I was gently aching, so I sat down and did some stretches. I got up for a very brief skate around after 10 or 15 minutes of stretching, but decided to practice shallow one legged squats instead before heading home. Some aspects of skating were still totally there, and I’m doing much better at getting low! But I seem to have lost my t-stops, so I am gonna have to work on that a bit. I have my 78s, though, so I am set to skate on shittier concrete, which means I can skate in the lot across the street now!

Ramoncito deBorja took some pictures of the DC All-Stars skating against Dominion last Saturday. I love the one of Deadly Lamarr grinning! And the similar one of Frightmare. Skatelove!

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