Lessons learned and also BEER

I wore my 78s for the first time today. (78 is the intended durometer–it is considered a softer, grippier wheel generally, if it is a lower durometer. 78 is really low, so this wheel is considered to be pretty grippy. It doesn’t always work out that way, but softer wheels tend to absorb bumps better, so you can skate on crappier surfaces like asphalt, without tripping over every little thing. For the Armory, the DCRG girls recommend around an 88 durometer wheel, though many skate on 84s-the poison hybrid wheels. For less slick floors, something harder, like a 90 or a 92 is often a good option.)

After a lazy morning I spent the afternoon cleaning and then went out at 8 when it was cooling down to skate in the lot across the street. I didn’t skate as much as I was hoping to, as I rushed through warmups and my shin splints were all “FUCK YOU BITCH YOU BETTER WARM UP PROPERLY!” I stopped a couple times to half ass some stretches, but had to stop and change back into my sneakers to do a real warm up to shut them up. There’s a curb at the edge of the lot, so I did this stretch where you stand on the corner of the curb and let your heels dip, then you go up on tip toe, then back down. I did some lunge stretching for the calves, and side lunges. I did some leg lifty things where you sit on your butt with your legs straight out in front, lifting just enough to get the heels off the ground, and some toe touches like that where you pull them back toward you, stretching the whatever muscle is at the front of your calf. Then I did shallow one-legged static squats (10 seconds on one, 10 on the other, 10 on the first, 10 on the second) then a variation on tip-toe squats. Squat, then go up on tip toes when you come up, then back down onto heels and into the squat. (I did 20 of those.) I will have to do this before skating every time, I think, or else the shins ache something fierce down by my ankles when I’m in derby stance. (This was pre-existing to the ankle sprain.) I’m increasing the amount of potassium in my diet, but if anyone has any other suggestions, bring ’em on! The more I can do to strengthen my ankles and calves (and thighs and core!) the better. I was out here for about 70 minutes, but I think only 40 were actually spent skating. Want MORE. That lot is not conducive to good t-stops though. Too bumpy! Will have to work on it at Anacostia tomorrow morning. The angle of the pavement (it is definitely sloped!) helped me with my plow stops though. I aimed myself downhill and practiced them, so when I actually stopped, it was a victory of epic proportions!

I got a super cheap exercise mat from Woot that has a bunch of core exercises and stretches printed on it. What I know as skate drops they call a “Straight leg crunch,” which is good to know. Since I am part time now, my plan is to come home, have lunch, apply to jobs until 4, go to Anacostia, do a core workout, do my pre-skate warm-up, skate with my girls, come home, shower, and try to find more jobs to apply to for the next day. This, of course, is only for Monday and Thursday (and next Tuesday, but that’s a special case!) because on Wednesday and Friday I am usually studying a bit after work. I’ll probably still skate Wednesday evening if my ankle and shins are up to it though.

Tuesday is the info session on tryouts. They’re going to tell us when and where and also exactly what they’re looking for (though the checklist is available online, and we’ve all looked at it and worked on those skills.) Very exciting!

Beer talk:

Yesterday was a special Friday, because after work I joined the Boy, Puppy, and their friend S (who is English and has a lovely accent and a wicked sense of humor) at Churchkey for a Founders brewing company event where we had KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout) which is highly alcoholic and incredibly delicious.

Isn’t it beautiful? From janx

I tried a few different 4 oz pours (which are a godsend for the person who wants to try lots of brews but not get wasted!) and then we went to a bar in Adams Morgan (Black Squirrel) for a Devils Backbone event. I tried the Milk Stout, which is technically actually an oatmeal stout, and it was crisp and light and delightful,

From janx

but they had a different one that I wish to return and guzzle for hours (and possible get them to make beer floats with): The Evil Twin Soft Dookie Imperial Stout. Described as vanillalicious! And it is. I like sweetness in my beers, so this works well for me. the Great LAkes Edmund Fitzgerald, which I tried at Churchkey, is a bit too sour for me (though still tasty) to give you an idea. A good dessert beer. I think it is not regularly on their menu, though, so gotta find it somehwere else. Maybe they carry it at Perfect Pour….


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