Capital Pride!

This weekend was Capital Pride in DC. On Saturday some of The DC Rollergirls skated in the pride parade. On Sunday I ran main-stage security as a volunteer. And got too much sun. And a migraine. And saw SO MANY BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. And didn’t even squeak or shiver when someone poured two ice cold bottles of water down my back to cool me down. (Although I DID wish I had worn a bathing suit, so my underwear wouldn’t have been soaked….) I asked a drag queen on eyeliner advice, and was relieved to see that the gay men’s chorus is made up of normal, human looking gay dudes instead of the ridiculously hot gay guys that were swarming the place. Proof that not all gay dudes are stereotypically amazing-looking. OH and the fabulousness of it all! It was lovely.

I also did some skating this weekend, and some posting here in the blog, so if you missed those because it’s not my usual schedule, check ’em out! Also, go read excellent SFF author Jim Hines’ blog post about the right to say “no.” It’s also fabulous.



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2 responses to “Capital Pride!

  1. I didn’t even know Peggy Sue was a rollergirl until seeing pictures of her at Pride!

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