Almost done!

So I had my last regular session of physical therapy today! I’m going to keep working on the exercises my PT gave me in the next few weeks and then in July I meet with her (if all goes well-if all doesn’t, we’ll meet sooner) to do a check in and get me officially discharged.

Today is also the informational session on tryouts! I feel a lot more confident about my chances on getting into fresh meat than I did a few weeks ago. I can’t do everything, but I’m doing a lot better than I was. Gotta do lots of lunges and squats though! And work on my weaving. and doing stuff “non-derby” (while skating clockwise.)

Because we all do it, I am already thinking about what team I want to be on. (To be honest, I’ve been thinking about it since FOREVER! Or, you know, since I decided I had to be on skates.) It really started my first time volunteering, choosing who to root for. Cherry Blossom Bombshells, all pink and gold and with skaters like Helen Killah and Conspiracy Fury? Scare Force One, black and blue like the rolling bruises they no doubt are, with skaters like Dyke Diggler and Lenore Gore? DC Demoncats, white and red and silver, with my first skater friend BatCat? And then, before I could try out, a fourth team was introduced! Majority Whips! GREEN AND SILVER! The uniforms are little dresses! HOW COULD I NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM? At the season 6 kick off party, I even told Lois Slain that she was gonna want me for the Whips! What balls I had!

And then I got to know more skaters. I spent season 5 being really shy and barely even getting to know other volunteers. Season 6, both as a volunteer and as a hopeful skater-to-be, I started meeting more people, getting to know other volunteers and skaters from all the teams. And my hard and fast decision to be a Whip started to waver. I’d still love to be a Whip! But I’d be just as happy as a Bombshell, a Demoncat, or a Fright Attendant.

Of course, I have to get into meat camp first.



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  1. Do they use like the a sorting hat or something?

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