New System

I finished out the last post saying I had to make it into meat camp first. Turns out, that’s not exactly true.

DCRG is doing tryouts a new way. Meat camp doesn’t exist anymore. Which is not to say there won’t be training! But the old way was:
tryouts -> meat camp -> WFTDA assessment ->skaters on tap/drafted to a team.
the new way is:
Derby boot camp -> tryouts (which ARE the WFTDA assessment) -> ???
the question marks being because you can go a few different ways.
First, if you pass your assessment, you might become an SOT or get drafted. You can also, at this point, play in scrimmages with the newly formed rec league (newly formed as in, it won’t exist until tryouts happen.) If you don’t pass your assessment, you can work with the rec league at whatever level you are at-level 1, which is where I am right now, level 2, where you’re learning how to do basic hits, blocking, etc. (Level 3 is if you pass your assessment.)

In many ways this is good-you get to keep practicing and playing derby even if you aren’t drafted. The rec league is a smaller commitment both time- and money-wise. I have more time to spend working on skills before tryouts. But I can’t help but feel disappointed, too. I wanted to go to the beach and brag to my family that I conquered tryouts. (Also, I wanted to conquer tryouts!!) I spent money I could ill afford on physical therapy to be ready for June tryouts when I could have just waited. And the boot camp costs money too. I know derby is an expensive sport; I have no illusions about that. It’s just that it suddenly got a little extra expensive. (Also, I am losing my health insurance in August unless I get a FT job with benefits….) I’m going to keep skating on my own, but unless a job comes through, I might not be able to skate derby this year. Gonna have to play things by ear.


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  1. Scoriental Express

    Just so you don’t feel cheated, we had to pay for meat camp too. I think it was more expensive than both the boot camps will be.

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