Skate Therapy


Things have been bothering me a lot lately. I’ve been sleeping too much, and my meds ran out and I didn’t have the money to get more right away, which certainly helped. I accidentally slept all evening yesterday, then couldn’t sleep for most of the night, both because of the aforementioned accidental nap and because of things bothering me.

Things were easily ignored most of the time during my work day, but were overwhelming on the way home. The first thing that helped was that someone else was having similar-ish issues (in a broad sense, anyway) and I was able to see things clearly on her behalf though I couldn’t on my own. But I was still in a bit of a funk.

So I went and skated it out.

It is sort of amazing how the simple act of gearing up and skating in a circle for an hour can make everything feel better. Although the mob of children who all wanted to be my friend, were duly impressed when I skated (briefly!!) on one foot, and giggled joyously when I fell down didn’t hurt, either. I don’t normally go skating so early in the day, because OMG HOT!! but I’m glad I did today.


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