Library Friday!

First off: There was no post yesterday because I was busy spending time with my grandparents and then adoring my nephews, who, it should come as no surprise, are ADORABLE. (And are 1 and 3 years old, and who ran me RAGGED.) I regret nothing. NOTHING!

Secondly: Today is super-extra Library Friday, because I am stopping by my local branch to pick up 12 books on hold for VACATION! I will most likely not be blogging at all next week, and if I do, it will be short, because I’ll be composing on my phone. The posts will be something like this: “SO MUCH FUN! [Swam forever/skated the bike trail by the house/ate delicious things/my nephews are SO CUTE] byee!” If you’re really lucky, I’ll get to borrow someone’s laptop (mine is DEAD DEAD DEAD) and link to interesting things.

Speaking of linking to interesting things, here are pointcounterpoint articles about a recent Doctor’s Report about Abraham Lincoln’s assassination coming to light. It seems to me that they’re basically arguing semantics, but the point in the first article, which the second does not dispute, is that archives are valuable resources that are much maligned by the press. Archives are not dusty basement rooms with bad lighting that no one ever goes in (and I love the Hitchhiker’s Guide reference!) They are well ordered, well-maintained, brightly lit and clean rooms with lots and lots of files, and though archivists occasionally miss big deal items when describing collections, we do our best.

and finally, in light of last week’s Library Friday, a response to the Forbes article which states that an MLS/MSLS/MLIS is the worst Masters degree you could get right now, by my former professor at CUA.

Everyone who is going to ECDX this weekend, HAVE FUN! Help DCRG win the afterparty! Bring back knowledge and cool stuff!


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