Home again, Home again, jiggety jig

Vacation is over. Cue the sad trombones.

Sorry I didn’t get to post much–the wifi at the main house was always being used by everyone else and even when it wasn’t, I barely had time to download the day’s emails before getting kicked off. Cell signal was nonexistent much of the time, as well. But that’s okay, because I wasn’t there to internet, I was there to swim and sun and read and eat and beer and sleep.

I went skating on Monday morning on the bike path, did 1.6 miles, which is not as much as I wanted to do. However, my shins and arches were not interested (I stretched and tried athletic tape to help, but I must not have done it right, because it didn’t) and I fell 3 or 4 times due to sand-deposits on the path, and I didn’t end up skating again last week.

I ate way too much dessert and chocolate every day. But my lunches and dinners were generally much healthier than I usually get to eat, and I discovered some foods I didn’t know I liked, or didn’t know I liked when prepared that way, or whatever. And my sister-in-law gave me tips on shopping for avocados, which is good, because I always end up buying ones that have already started to go brown.

I’ll probably talk about the books I read in one post, and my mini-meltdown in another, and there will likely be pictures as well. But today, you get some news, and then I get back to work:
This actually officially happened before vacation, but it only became official at the last minute so if you aren’t on facebook, you’re only hearing about it now:
My part time job has hired me on full time as an archival assistant, to help clear up backlog. This is a temporary thing, lasting through to the end of the year, but it is full time, I am not an intern anymore, and I get benefits. Money will still be tight, but not anywhere near as bad as it had been, and hopefully this will open the door to further opportunities. As soon as I can without preventing payment on other, bill-type things, I will be getting these as a little treat for myself (and also because I need ’em! Arch support and heel cupping FTW!) but otherwise, my pennies will still need to be pinched as much as possible.

But I’m still pretty psyched.



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2 responses to “Home again, Home again, jiggety jig

  1. Wendy

    Avocados are sort of magical, btw. If you stick them in the fridge, they’ll stay good for a very long time. Are they turning brown on the inside or the outside?

    • argh, take three! (david’s laptop’s touchpad is too sensitive for it’s own good!) thanks for the tip, Wendil! The ones I had been getting were brown in spots on the inside only, straight from the store (I was looking for ones with a little give, if I recall correctly) but my SIL suggested I buy them still hard and then let them ripen at home. I bought some on friday that way, so I’ll stick ’em in the fridge until I can maneuver well enough to deal with them (or have someone else stick ’em in the fridge, anyway)

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