Novel novel books, y’all!

Sorry this post is later than usual–early release from work meant not taking a normal lunchbreak (or, technically, any lunch break. Though I did eat a criminal amount of white cheddar cheez-its) and after I got home I had to boot up Ye Olde Desktope and got distracted by my latest reading. so. here’s the interesting part: TALKIN’ BOUT BOOKS, BABY!

Last Library Friday I mentioned that I was picking up a stack of books from the library for vacation reading. I’m going to give you some 2-second reviews (disclaimer: may or may not take 2 seconds to write or read.) This is today’s:

The Wind Through The Keyhole by Stephen King. This is a new Dark Tower novel. Yes, I DID say NEW. DARK. TOWER. It takes place between 4 and 5, making it DT 4.5, and it has no real bearing on the overall story arc known as The Dark Tower. But it is another chance to a) hang out with our favorite Ka-Tet of 19 and 99 and to get a look at some Mid-World mythology. This is sort of a frame story: the frame is that Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Oy must take shelter from a storm. During this storm, Roland tells them a story he grew up hearing from his mother, about a young man who deals with King’s favorite antagonist, Flagg, better known to DT readers as Marten Broadcloak, and also has to survive the same type of storm our heroes are waiting out. We learn a little more about billy-bumblers, too. It’s pretty awesome, you guys, but I kinda wish we got the interior story without the frame. It’s not that I don’t love visiting with my favorite gunslingers, but the interior story has a weight to it, that weight any good piece of fiction has, where you don’t want to let go of that world. The Ka-Tet’s tale is done, and we know that nothing that happens in this frame is going to change it. The frame is unnecessary to the interior story, and lessens the impact the interior story has.


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