My Boyfriend, The Hero and other stories

So. Day two. Still broken. Less chipper about it. If you’ve read the comments, you know that I didn’t sleep much at all last night because my legs twitch as I fall asleep, and with broken, unset bones, that means lots of pain, which means lots of waking up hissing, gasping, or yelping. I only got around 80 or 90 minutes of sleep last night. I tried to get some different meds, because the ones I was prescribed are the second-weakest dosage available and with the sleep-twitch-induced flares, I definitely needed stronger stuff. Unfortunately, because narcotics are addictive, it’s not legal for a doctor to call a prescription for them in to a pharmacy. I did get the okay to take 3 at bedtime just for tonight, but because there is acetaminophen, there’s concern about liver damage, which is also not a good thing.

I took my morning dose of meds on an empty stomach, which was an incredibly bad idea and lead to lots of nausea and misery. I also was in too much pain to get myself to the bathroom. This is humiliating to admit, but it’s a fact of what happened. The less we dwell, the better.

Fierce Compredator just went through a nearly identical break, so she came over after Majority Whips practice and brought me an adjustable stool to sit on and a bag to go over my cast that is watertight, so I can sit down in the shower when I have my normal cast. She also told be how things went with her situation and gave me some good advice and brought me 7-Up because she knew I’d probably be nauseated from the meds.

The Boy came and spent a good chunk of the afternoon with me, and I learned that when he kept me from breaking my brainbox open yesterday, it was at the cost of his back muscles. He’s not much bigger than I am, in height or weight, so if I had thought about it I would have realized sooner that I would have been a tough catch even without having to worry about my leg, too. Poor guy is super sore. He also has stomach problems, so most of the anti-inflammatories are not so good for him. :/ He told me when he came in that I made him seem much better than he actually was, because he didn’t do ALL the dishes. I still say he was pretty darn awesome, and now that I know he was hurting the whole time, I would use an even more superlative superlative there, if I could think of one right now.

The morning sucked a LOT, but the afternoon was mostly okay, and by the time The Boy left, I was feeling pretty good AND able to sleep. Unfortunately, since the splint is not as stabilizing as a real cast would be, that means that things can still move around in there (yes, that is gross and creepy and horrible to think about, and it’s multiplied an infinite amount when you can feel it happening in your leg) and that can cause pain. That happens more when you’re asleep and not totally in control of your body. So I got about a 90 minute nap in before I pained myself awake (totally a verb, you guys. Totally.) It was really crazy severe pain. Like, please I would rather not have a leg than ever experience this again pain. (Which Fierce accurately predicted I would feel several times while waiting on the real cast.)

Tomorrow Comma is taking me to the ortho, who I HOPE will say “young lady, you are a trooper. We are going to sedate you and when you wake up your leg will be in a cast and you will be free to leave with lots of really strong pain killers” but will probably actually tell me I have to wait until the swelling goes down and/or until surgery. But hopefully he will still send me off with strong pain killers.

I’m a little scared to sleep now, since it’s not meds time yet, so I’ll probably internet or watch tv or read until meds time. I’m still pretty sleepy though. I keep catching myself on the verge of sleep. I want to sleep, you guys! and also to be less ridiculously hot. The A/C is on, and it blows on me, but with all the pillows and being propped up and the occasional nausea (which causes my temp to SEEM to go up, though thermometers don’t register a change) make it seem like it’s not.

I’ll let you know tomorrow what the doc says, right after I let my boss and parents know. Before I close this entry out, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been so supportive and caring and helpful, and also often very funny. Your friends are the family you choose, and I chose very wisely. The DCRG community a well as the friends I have outside of derby have all been fantastic, and I know my parents are also relieved that I have so much support. Y’all rock, guys.



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6 responses to “My Boyfriend, The Hero and other stories

  1. Best of luck at the ortho, Mels. I hope for the best of best news, both for your current relief and for the fastest and bestest possible healing. May that triple dose knock you the fuck out and get you some real sleep.

  2. What Eric said. From this side of the continent, all I can do is send loving, healing energy and I’m doing lots of that. Please take care and keep us about informed.

  3. Meredith

    Hang in there Melanie!! I am thinking about you. Do NOT try to overdo yourself in anything! Much much much love!

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