Saw my Ortho today

Despite today getting off to a rocky start, and being pretty busy, I’m feeling pretty good. (The percocet no doubt has SOMETHING to do with it, but it’s not the only thing.) I slept through my alarm (stabilizing my foot more did not make it any less twitchy, which I suspected would be the case but HOPED wouldn’t be) so I still couldn’t sleep until after 3 am. I had to be at the ortho’s office at 9, but I slept through my alarm at 7 and very hastily got dressed and hurried out of the apartment to meet Comma when I realized I didn’t have a shoe on my left foot. I went back to my door and tried to get one on quickly, and then I fell down.

I’M FINE!! Promise. I fell backwards, which is good because I have been holding my leg out in front of me, and I fell in a sitting position, which helped, and finally, I have been really lazy and never moved the free e-mac I got from Thinkgeek out of the area near the entrance, so I ended up sitting on it and sliding down it’s domed surface to the floor. This hurt-I was dizzy for about 30 seconds, and immediately texted Comma that I needed her to come up, rather than me going down to meet her as we had planned. She got me up off the floor and I braved stairs on crutches for the first time since Saturday (it went fine. in fact, spoiler alert: everything went fine today, the fall was the only scary thing.) and then we were on our way.

The ortho said that I have what’s called a spiral fracture in both the tibia and the fibula, and they’ll be treating it a bit more like an ankle break than a regular leg break, putting in plates and screws rather than a rod down my entire calf. I, for one, am totally for this plan. I will also be allowed to do stuff on Saturday, should I so choose, which is good because I’m signed up to volunteer for a roller derby bout and apparently we’re having a birthday party for my grandfather. I have no idea which I will do, if either of them, right now. Gotta figure some shit out.

All-Ass took me to the hospital that is going to be doing the surgery, so I could get the pre-surgery testing done (pregnancy test, blood and urine tests) and fill out/sign some forms. Since I’m going in 2 hours before my surgery to get on a saline IV (because no food and water after midnight tonight, but dehydration causes migraines) so I thought I could do the tests then, I didn’t realize they had to get the materials the day before. For the next 6 hours or so I am going to be drinking lots of water and juice, and eating, so I do not dry up and die tomorrow. Also, I expect there will be much peeing. So I’mma get on that. See you on the flip side, kids.



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2 responses to “Saw my Ortho today

  1. I’m so glad you’re going to have the surgery right away. (Not glad you’re having surgery, of course – but glad there isn’t any further delay.) I will send you extra healing energy tomorrow. Are they sending you home tomorrow or do they keep you for a day or two?

    And please don’t rush to do anything strenuous right away!!

    Second verse, same as the first – except different. :;)

    There was a young woman named Mel,
    Who, left to herself in her house, fell.
    To the doctor she went.
    He said she was bent. (Her foot!)
    But her friends all wished her well.

    (It doesn’t scan as well as it should – I’m going to have to improve.)

  2. I’m glad too, and while I am nervous about the surgery, I am also excited-never had surgery before! They said they might send me home after or they might keep me for 23 hours after. I am going to encourage the second option, because having never had surgery before, I’d like to be surrounded by trained medical professionals as I adjust to post-surgery.

    I definitely do not plan to rush to strenuousness! If I go to the bout, it will be to sit down near the entrance with my foot elevated. If I go to the party, it will be the same except in the living room of my grandparents’ house. And I might decide to do neither-it all depends on how I feel that morning.

    Yay limerick! you’ll have a whole series to publish after this is all done!

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