Achievement Unlocked: First Surgery

I’ve never gotten surgery before. Last night, that changed. It went fine, I feel fine, but I am wicked tired right now so I will give you all the deets after I take a nap, cool?



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4 responses to “Achievement Unlocked: First Surgery

  1. I’m glad it went okay and that you’re feeling ‘fine’. I hope that means a lot less pain.

    Here’s today’s limerick:

    There was a young lady named Mel,
    Whose ankle put her through hell.
    Doctors have screwed it up tight
    So she can sleep through the night,
    But at airports she’ll set off the bell.

    Gentle hugs and healing energy to you.

    • nice! It’s titanium, so I won’t actually set off the detectors, I think. also, I’m hoping we’ll take them out when my leg is all healed up, not because I don’t want to be bionic, but because I think the plates will irritate me when I wear skates.

  2. I’m working with what I have here! 😀

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