Surgery Recap Part 2, and SuperBetter

before I continue with my surgery recap, let me talk a little bit about SuperBetter. SuperBetter is a way to make a game out of recovering from illness or injury. One of my DCRG bouncers shared a TedTalk about it on my facebook wall, and I decided to try it out, not just for my broken leg, but for my migraines and depression as well. If you want to be one of my allies, my secret identity over there is Doctor Melanie Scully. You can fight an illness or injury of your own, or just prolong your own life so you can keep doing all the awesome stuff you want to do!

So on Wednesday I went to sleep in the OR and woke up in Recovery with nary a second between, it seemed, but it was around 9pm when I was awake enough to ask. I was awake in recovery for around 20 minutes, I think. I drank lots of apple juice and I gave TC, the nurse, like 4 hugs (she was a big black lady who just looked like she’d give good hugs, you guys!) and complained about the oxygen mask and how hungry I was. They let me ditch the mask for one of those up the nose things, and promised me food when I got in my room. I requested a steak dinner, a cheese pizza, a vanilla cupcake and a chocolate bar. My mom called and talked to Bea, one of the other nurses in recovery, who told her I’d call back when I got to my room.

I got wheeled up to the 4th floor, where Bea left me in Anthony’s capable hands. He teased a lot, and kept me amused, and got me a TV dinner (steak cubes, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots, with cinnamon apples. I skipped the green and orange veggies because they were cold, but scarfed the rest so fast I couldn’t even taste most of it!)..I was still starving after, but less starving 🙂 I called mom and left a message (and called again around 5 am, because I knew she was working Thursday–she gets up wicked early and goes to bed wicked early when work days abound) and my dad had called (Anthony told me and then I forgot, so when he reminded me at 3 I called dad, since he was 2 or 3 hours behind the east coast, on travel.) so I called him back too. My throat was really sore from the intubation (they have to make sure you keep breathing while the cut you open!) but it’s finally feeling better today. I sounded like a smoker for a couple days, though. I didn’t sleep too well, because the IV meant that I had to pee CONSTANTLY, and hospitals are not the quietest of places, but I did get some shut eye.

I was expecting to get out of the hospital around noon, but we didn’t end up leaving until 3. I never got my spongebath (you think that’s a good thing, I bet, but I miss being clean!!) but I did get breakfast and lunch and evaluated by two different physical therapists and their students (one was an occupational therapist, the other a regular PT, I guess?) and, eventually, discharged. (Breakfast was kinda gross: bland scrambled eggs, too salty hash browns which I mixed with the eggs to season them, toast, and cream of rice cereal, which let me tell you, is the most boring food EVER. I had to mix in the sugar for the coffee I didn’t drink just to make it palatable. Lunch was better: turkey and broccoli, whole wheat dinner roll, orange italian ice for dessert, and lemonade, which it turns out, hurts sore throats.) The morning/afternoon was long and tedious, because I was anxious to get home, but I didn’t need any pain relievers until late morning, and that was just OTC tylenol or advil (I don’t know which they gave me). It was so much easier to get around with the shorter cast, too! I did end up taking a percocet when I got home, because all the crutching hurts more. I think the swollen bits are rubbing against the cast right now, so that will go away too, but the longer I am up the more it hurts; a bit of a burning feeling on the outside of my ankle, and a strong ache on my shin bone at midcalf. Fortunately, I am only getting up to pee.

I’m on my own-ish tonight. Comma has plans and The Boy is not feeling well. Pants might come over with cupcakes, because she is amazingly sweet and when I was stoned and texting with her after surgery I mentioned Confections and despite not being near Manassas, she went and picked up some cupcakes for me yesterday. She was going to bring them last night, but time got away from her. If I don’t see her tonight, I will tomorrow, because I am going to the DC All-Stars and DC Capital Offenders bout at the Dulles Sports Plex! When I spoke to Dr. Joly on Tuesday, he said I would be allowed to if I felt up to it and kept my foot up, so unless my pain levels change drastically, I will be there! I’m hoping to also be at my family reunion on Sunday, but don’t want to overdo it on the being up and about stuff, so we’ll have to see how I feel Sunday (and if I can get a ride! I hate not being able to drive!)


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2 responses to “Surgery Recap Part 2, and SuperBetter

  1. I’m glad you’re improving so well. Enjoy the cupcakes.

    Here’s today’s limerick:

    There was a young lady named Mel
    Whose kittens were playing pell mell.
    They treated her leg
    Like it was made from a peg
    But their cuddling helped her get well.

    I’ll have to check into the SuperBetter plan. Keep getting better and have a better weekend this time round!

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