Bout Report and Back to the Daily Grind

So, thankfully, I was feeling well enough to go to the bout on Saturday. The DCRG “B” team, the Capital Offenders, played the Salisbury All-Stars in the opening bout. It was Salisbury’s game right from the start, and we lost 326-49, but the CapOffs played well and had a blast. O’Canadoll and I worked to fill Funsized Jenn’s shoes while she was away this weekend, and I was also doing head bouncer stuff (though I had assigned one of my bouncers my roaming duties, and he did fantastic, making sure everyone was where they needed to be and covering for them when breaks were necessary and all that stuff, so really I was just a figurehead for the day in that respect.)

Girls I didn’t even know had any idea who I was came up and asked about me, and a bunch of people signed my cast or drew pictures on it for me, and I got lots of hugs, which is never a bad thing. The DC All-Stars took on River City’s Poe’s Punishers for the second bout, and it was a really close game the whole first half and for a good chunk of the second half as well. DC ended up winning that one, 285-109.

I spent Sunday resting, but some of that resting was done in a car and some was done on the front porch of my family’s place on the Magothy River, because there was a family reunion. Dad drove me to The Shore, all the way to the front door! and then brought me back home about 3 hours later, with a brief stopover at my grandparent’s place to see my grandfather, who was not up to coming to the reunion.

Today I am back at work. Thanks to Maiden Sm’Akron, I have rides to and from work, and will be watching some derby practices too. This Saturday is the Eastern VA Derby Expo, and I am volunteering (at the registration table or as an NSO, depending on where they need me and where I can sit down) so a couple other freshies and I are gonna drive down to the Hampton area Saturday, learn stuff, and then come back on Sunday. Gonna be so fun!

I’m feeling so well I tried to sleep without painkillers of any kind last night. That was a mistake. The twitches that caused so much pain last weekend haven’t stopped causing pain, they just didn’t cause enough to wake me, I guess, when I was sleeping with percocet in my system. Hope to pick up some tylenol today, which I will take during the day, letting me save the percocet for bedtime (only 1 is needed, but it IS needed, alas) I want to get off the percocet as soon as I can, but I’m not gonna suffer ridiculously for that ideal, either. I also plan to get some tylenol PM for night time, not to take WITH the percocet, but in lieu of it, if the doc says okay. (I have an appointment Friday, and I’ll wait until then to try it, probably, but getting out is too much of a pain to not get the stuff when I’m out and about today.) Then I hope to switch to plain tylenol for all doses, and then fewer doses, and then no pills. Fingers crossed!!

Here are some pictures from this weekend; my cast on 3 sides, and a present from my mother:



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6 responses to “Bout Report and Back to the Daily Grind

  1. cabri

    I love that she gave you the Citracal, but with your skating you are probably the last person to need it. ;-D

    Now you have the perfect weapon for dealing with fools! Just kick’em in the shin! 🙂 I hope the Tylenol will be enuf during the day. Generally speaking i prefer Motrin for muscle/bone pain and inflammation but everybody’s different. 🙂

    • 😀

      The doctor asked me to use tylenol rather than something else, so that’s what I’m doin’. There’s only mild aching during the day, nothing I would normally even take tylenol for, but with the inflammation concerns, I want to take *something*

  2. I know doctors generally recommend Tylenol because it’s gentler on your stomach, although it never seems to help me with pain, but it definitely isn’t an anti-inflammatory the way Aspirin, Advil, Motrin or Aleve are, to name a few brands.

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