Or perhaps that was a bit premature.

When I woke up with my alarm at 6:40, I was so tired and sore I decided to call out. I texted Sm’Ak, hoping I caught her before she left to get me, and emailed work to let them know I’d be out. I slept around 11 hours last night/this morning. I’ve spent the day watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix (never seen it before)….

I thought I’d take today to get ridiculously real. I am going to share some insights into my convalescence, some of which are going to be really really gross, and some of which is just embarrassing 😉

In the past ten days, there have been a few bizarre, gross, and funny incidents. Here are three:

1. gross!! Percocet is, you may already know, an opiate. Opiates have a few nasty side effects; nausea and constipation among them. When the ER gave me the percs, they failed to mention the latter to me. I should have known, I’ve been on percs before for kidney stones, but I forgot, or didn’t know. Comma, sweet angel that she is, brought me stool softeners. I had never taken them before, and was afraid they might cause me to shit the couch (and pissing it was bad enough) so I only took one. It was enough to move things, not enough to make it comfortable. It looked and felt like two baby arms came out my ass.

2. funny and bizarre. I woke up Saturday morning from pain. Doesn’t seem weird, I know. But pain isn’t normally what happens when I get turned on. See, I was having a sex dream at the time. All the movement pissed off my leg enough to wake me. *blush*

3. bizarre and funny! The Boy came over Saturday morning to help me shower. My first shower in a week!! I was almost done when he needed to move his bowels. We chatted through the curtain like it was totally normal and laughed about how romantic it was, pooping and showering together :p


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