Ouch, you guys!

After staying home yesterday, I was determined to go to work today. (Also I am out of sick days. But mostly: DETERMINED.) Which is why it was EXTRA annoying that I woke up several times in the night. A couple of those were just for no real reason, but the last two were definitely because of pain. The leg-twitches of doom have returned. Or more accurately, they have become more noticeable. The first time one woke me, I cried for the first time since the Saturday I broke my leg because it hurt a lot. The second time one woke me, I cried out of frustration. JUST LET ME SLEEP, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE LEG. I think I’m going to make leg twitches a bad guy on superbetter because I need a better way to handle them than bursting into tired toddler tears.

We got into work shortly before 9, and I was already so tired I wanted to go back to bed. I’m seriously tempted to just fall asleep. I keep pinching my arm to stay awake though because that is a bad plan for someone who wants to remain employed. I’m going to league practice tonight with Sm’Ak, and the plan WAS to NSO the scrimmage, but I think instead I will lay down on the floor somewhere and snooze because OH MY GOD I AM TIRED.

I took my crutches into work instead of the scooter, because the pressure on my calf has been pretty uncomfortable the past two days (more yesterday than Monday) and I wasn’t even using it that much. You know that feeling when you can’t extend your arm out because you need to pop your elbow, so you kinda snap your arm so the joint’ll pop? I feel like that in my ankle, only I can’t move my ankle, so it just feels all pressurey. Plus I think there’s a bruise on my shin, where some of my weigh rests when I use the scooter, which adds to the discomfort.

We’re working on getting me FMLA, which will come in handy because it allows me more flexibility in my time off, but I have to get some forms signed by my doctor, who I see on Friday. Until then, I am just trying to work and not fall asleep. But man do I want to nap.


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2 responses to “Ouch, you guys!

  1. cabri

    And this is *with* the Percocet before sleep?! Poor Mel. 😦 it’ll be so much better when you get past the ‘nice person in mucho pain half the time stage’ and enter the ‘jolly person with fun cast’ stage.

    • I took something else last night, something that another skater gave me the first weekend from when she broke her leg. The doc screwed up my Rx, so I only have 1 perc left. I was hoping this other stuff would help, but I had to take one at bedtime and another in the the middle of the night. Perc lasts through the night, at least. I am getting a new Rx Friday when I see him.

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