Broken Leg Adventures

This will be completely obvious to anyone who had half a brain once I say it, because I was like “duh of course” but I hadn’t realized it until, well, I realized it. When my leg is elevated, bloodflow is limited, and it sort of shrinks. When I put it down, it swells a little just because there’s more blood in there. (I know, I know, DUH) Last night Sm’Ak decided to skip practice and take me straight home, which is good because I was exhausted about 3 seconds after I woke up and I wanted to sleep so badly. As you may recall. When I got in, before getting dinner I collapsed on the couch, “just for a minute.” I put my leg up and I lay there (it was more like 5 minutes–I’m telling you, this hobbling around shit is EXHAUSTING) and then I sighed and put my legs back down and sat up, ready to get dinner prepared. I literally FELT my leg getting bigger and taking up more space in the cast. It was weird.

Anyway, I had dinner, watched exactly one episode of Battlestar Galactica, forced myself to turn off the tv, and went to bed. While it was still light out. Which I haven’t done since I was like 7, because my mom insisted I go to bed at 7 pm for a ridiculously long time, even in the summer. (Last night I went to bed closer to 8 but still, I was still light out.) I had taken 3 extra strength tylenol shortly before leaving work, and they were still in my system, which is good to know! The instructions say no more than 8 in 24 hours, so I have to be careful.

I woke up shortly before midnight, and went back to sleep without incident. I woke up at 2 am, and spent most of the hour up; I used the loo, took a not-tylenol pill, and called the power company on my cell phone to complain that the power had gone out (happily, it waited until I peed and drank some OJ and got back on the couch, or else I would have flipped out.) It came back on before 3 and I went back to sleep. This morning, once again, I had to learn the “don’t fall back asleep even if you have a snooze alarm set” lesson again–two wake up in pain moments before I stopped trying to close my eyes (the second time I wasn’t intending to fall asleep, just visualize the contents of my closet.) Then I got ready to shower.

It was uncomfortable and painful and ouchie getting the vinyl shower bootie on over my cast today (which is extra annoying since it was super easy Monday night, probably because I was medicated then, duh) and by the time I actually got to the bathroom, most of my scheduled shower time had elapsed. My shower time this morning was forty minutes, only about five of which were spent actually bathing. And I got it into my head that I absolutely HAD to shave my knees. I did fine on my right knee, but I knicked my left and got blood everywhere and it still stings. I tried facing the opposite direction than I had been facing while showering with the cast, and that helped in some ways but also made it harder to rinse off. It’s an ongoing experiment, and I suspect I will only figure it out right before the cast comes off, if then.

I’ve been using the scooter only at home, crutching everywhere else, because it’s been hurting my calf and ankle to use. But it’s also the only way I can get stuff from the kitchen to the couch where I am camped until I can maneuver without crutches, because there is not enough room at the side and foot of the bed to move about easily. Some of this is because I am a slob, and some is just that I like a somewhat wide stance with the crutches.

It’s 2:25 pm and I am not at all hungry, but I am tired, though not so tired I want to pass out right here. I hope eating will give me the fuel to do laundry tonight, with assistance from The Boy, and maybe watch some Doctor Who with him as well. Tomorrow is: doctor’s appointment in the morning, work in the afternoon, and Celia’s in the evening. I will likely just pass out until it’s time to go to EVDX. Gonna get to watch the fresh meat in a no-hitting bout against rookies and veteran skaters. Positional blocking, ahoy! I’ll probably need to return to the hotel to take a nap after my volunteer shift, so I don’t over do things and tire myself out, but that’s okay. It’s 12 hours of derby and learning and stuff and things and a screening of Derby, Baby! I’ll probably skip the after-parties as well–depends on how tired I am. I might make an appearance before heading to bed. Healing is hard work and so is gimping around, you guys. I have to decide tonight if I’m taking the scooter. It’ll be easier, in some ways, but I’m not sure it’s the best idea ever, what with the pain. We’ll see.



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2 responses to “Broken Leg Adventures

  1. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard – and painful – time, Mels. 😦 Be safe however you manage to get around.

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