Well, Isn’t that SPESHUL

Today has mostly sucked balls. Even with the tylenol firmly in my system, it hurt too much to get the vinyl boot over my cast to shower, so I am all unwashed. Funsize Jenn took me to my doctor’s appointment and we got there 15 minutes early, but I was kept in the waiting room for a full hour and 15 minutes, and then once I got to the exam room, I had time to TAKE A NAP before the Doc saw me. They took x-rays (which they could have done while I was waiting, if they were more organized!) and the doctor looked at them and said “well that’s not good.” Hey doc, let’s play this game we learned in kindergarten called SHARING. Fortunately, he did not leave me dangling in suspense for too long, and explained (on the copies of the x-rays the tech had printed for me to keep–you can print x-rays on paper now!!) that while the fibula looks great (that’s the tinier bone in your calf) the tibia (which is the weight-bearing bone) is misaligned. The screws at some point popped loose, so while they’re still in the bone, they’re not doing what they should be doing. I go in for surgery number two, where I will get a plate to replace these two tiny screws, on Wednesday. He asked me if I felt any pops or snaps and I was like “yes, several. When I am RESTING. WTF?” and apparently at least one of them was a screw popping out of place.

I’m all bedresty this weekend, which means no derby expo for me. 😦 Determined to make delicious lemonade from all these damned lemons, I am going to Can’t Stop the Serenity tonight, which I couldn’t do before because of derby. I WILL HAVE MY ONE NIGHT OF PLEASANTNESS, DAMMIT. I will be working Monday and Tuesday, because I just sit at a desk most of the time. I’m going to do lots of sitting during the expo, so I don’t get why I can’t go to that, but whatever. It’s done. I will sleep lots this weekend. And celebrate Joss and his Jossliness with several other rollergirls/nerds.


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