A Break from the Break

So, I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about things hurting and how much I am sleeping. Here’s what I’m doing when I’m not whining at y’all or sleeping:

  • Playing Draw Something
  • Playing Words With Friends
  • Reading
  • Watching Battlestar Galactica for the first time ever
  • Playing with the kitties
  • Snuggling The Boy

I also dreamed about roller derby. First remembered dream since the break! I dreamed I had to do my 25 in 5 without skates. It was tough. I do not like to run, y’all. Obviously, this should be categorized as a nightmare. 😉

Last week I suggested to my parents that if they wanted to buy me some dresses from Modcloth so I could have an easier time getting ready for work, I would let them. I sent my dad links to 4 dresses I liked, asking for two of them. My mom, who loves to shop even though she will TELL YOU she hates it, and who I think feels a bit useless being almost an hour away while I am convalescing, went overboard and got me four dresses. One of the ones I picked out, she didn’t like, so she picked a different one, and I think she mistook another for one I asked for (I hadn’t, but it is cute and I look good in it, so no worries there!). If, like me, you like looking at dresses, here are links to what she sent: Larkspur of the Moment dress, which is the one that I didn’t ask for but is cute on me (I’d never have thought so based on the picture, though); Soda Fountain dress, which I’ve been wanting for ages, although it isn’t one of the ones I asked for; Coach Tour dress, which comes in tons of colors (including white with black polka dots) and I WANT THEM ALL and also it totally has pockets! And the one I am wearing today, Everywhere You Bow dress. It’s a bit shorter than we were expecting, but not scandalously so, as long as I keep an eye on it (it rides up when I sit down) and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I LOOK SO DAMN CUTE.

And because it IS still a part of my life, some medical stuff and how the day has been so far:
This morning I woke up at 6 because my cat is a jerk and he propped open one slat of the Venetian blinds that were protecting me face from sun exposure. Specifically, he moved the one that blocked light from reaching my closed eyes. Because he is an asshole. I made him wait until 6:30 before I gave him breakfast in the hopes that he wouldn’t do it again. Dad arrived to take me to my pre-op appointment at 6:40. I was running a bit behind at that point, but got downstairs and in the car within 5 minutes or so. But I forgot my meds. And didn’t notice until we were on the B-W parkway, at 7, when my alarm reminding me to take my pills went off. Certain we had time, Dad decided to go back before the appointment to get them. We discovered that both the GPS and I have misplaced an exit from East Capitol to 295 north, and drove in circles for a bit. That, plus traffic that materialized while we were circling NE DC and then getting my pills, meant we got to the hospital late, but only a few minutes late! I forgot about all the bureaucracy though. I had to fill out lots of forms and stuff. Eventually, I got to go to the waiting room for the actual pre-op tests, and I chatted with the lady who helps with MORE forms and takes your vitals. It was the same one as last time, and she remembered me, and we got through it quickly, then I donated some pee. Then I got to wait some more before donating some blood. The nursing staff at SMHC is really sweet and friendly, I have to say, and accommodating too. I told the blood draw nurse that the veins in my elbow are teeny tiny and the ones in my hand are nice and big and she said it was up to me so if I wanted it done in my hand, that’d be fine. I ended up an hour late to work, but I let my boss know ahead of time that I might be, and she was fine with it. We’re working on making it so I can work on electronic records from home-I have remote desktop, at least in theory (we haven’t tested it yet), and she’s also gonna give them to me on a flash drive in case remote desktop doesn’t work. I think she was a little amused at how happily I jumped on this idea. It’s not that I don’t like having time off, sleeping when I need to and watching tv or reading or interneting, but it’s nice to have some work to do! But the files won’t be ready until next week sometime, so I won’t be working during this recovery period.

Tomorrow at 7:30, mom and dad arrive at my place. Mom wants to clean my apartment for me (which I am happy about–I may have mentioned, I was going to clean it the day of the accident before I, you know, broke my leg, and I’ve been itching to do so, even though I can’t, every since! The Boy will no doubt be pleased as well, as it is something he has noted as “not sexy,” which I have to agree eith, and I promised it would be something I’d work on. With mom cleaning the bulk of it while I’m in surgery, it’ll be easier for me to keep up with, whether or not I can walk.) My surgery is at 10:30 and I have to be there at 8:30 for sitting around doing nothing, changing into hospital gowns, and getting an IV put in, and hopefully I’ll be home by dinner time (or just after, maybe). No post tomorrow, but I’ll be back on Thursday, assuming a)I don’t get so bored before then I do a Wednesday night post and b) I don’t sleep all day Thursday. (I don’t think either is too likely.) Cheers! ❤



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2 responses to “A Break from the Break

  1. I’m sending you good thoughts for your surgery tomorrow. I hope you’re going to have someone stay with you afterwards, at least for the first night!! There is such a thing as taking independence too far, you know. 😉 Take care and I hope all goes well – that this time they get it right!

    There was a young woman named Mel
    Whose leg pins were giving her hell.
    A plate was put in
    Instead of the pins
    And soon she’ll be skating pell-mell!

    • I don’t plan on company, but it’s not like I’m using my bed, so if mom and dad decide to stay over, they can. I think that I’ll be in the hospital long enough that it won’t be a big deal if I’m alone overnight.

      I had a derby dream, but without the skating. Hopefully I’ll have derby reality WITH the skating super soon!

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