Surgery number two

Was not as good as number one. I got in faster, and got to joke around with the crew a bit in the beginning (one asked me about being an archivist, which led in a roundabout way to us singing I’m Just a Bill from Schoolhouse Rock)

When I came to in recovery, I was in more pain than I was last time. It’s not surprising, of course, because cutting open ones leg twice in a month, it’s gonna hurt more the second time around. They told me I was tachy (had tachycardia) which basically means my heart rate was wicked high, and they had a hard time lowering it. As such, I am staying overnight at the hospital again 😦 The cardiologist said it was probably from the pain, but that I have to stay and be observed.
I am in a good deal of pain right now, as the previous dose of meds wore off and I can’t take more until 4:33. I also have a mysterious hard spot in my right arm that hurts. I’m writing this post on my cellphone so I won’t fall asleep, because then I twitch myself awake.

Nadja, the nurse in recovery, was very sweet and talked with me a lot. “Call Me Maybe” came on the radio not long after I woke, and I told her that DCRG did a video for it, and she was delighted. I wrote down the url for the DCRG site for her, so hopefully she’ll come to a bout!

I am all addled still from the meds so I’mma gonna sign off. I’m fine, I love you all, send chocolate! 😉



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3 responses to “Surgery number two

  1. I’m glad they’re keeping you overnight. I hope they can give you some meds that will make you sleep without twitching. If you have a chance and haven’t already, you should mention that to the doctor. Maybe there’s something they can do for it.

    In the meantime I’ll be sending you more good thoughts and energy and if you send me your address via e-mail, I might even be able to send you some chocolate. Maybe I can get you hooked on Canadian Smarties. Mwwahhahhhahh!

    • canadian smarties are just M&Ms!! I remember there was some sort of Canadian chocolate I loved that I couldn’t get down here, I will see if The Canuck Ex remembers what it was.

      I mentioned the twitching to the doc but because of my allergies to codeine and vicodin, apparently percocet is all I can take, and he has concerns about me taking it because apparently it took a lot of meds to keep me under during the surgery, which means my liver is getting used to the percs.

  2. Canadian Smarties are much better than M&Ms!! Plus you can sing a song about them while you eat them. 😀

    I hope for less pain for you and no twitches, leading to a fast and full recovery.

    Let me know if you find out what kind of chocolate it was/is.

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