Okay, so here’s a little more detail on staying overnight. This got kinda long, so here’s a cut.

We were pretty sure beforehand that I would be home before dinner (the expectation was that I’d be leaving the hospital at 4 or 5 pm)…the surgery started on time and we weren’t expecting any complications. Apparently, to keep me under during the surgery, the anesthesiologist had to keep giving me more drugs, which is not good. Then during recovery, my pulse rate was up in the 120s, which is also not good, and they couldn’t get it to go down. It got to the point where a they explained that depending on what the consulting cardiologist said, they might need to use meds to STOP MY HEART AND RESTART IT. I was stable enough that they could sedate me to do that, if it was necessary, for which I was thankful–the anesthesiologist, Dr Burton, told me that it had been done to him before and they couldn’t sedate him for it, and it is, to understate the case, very uncomfortable. The cardiologist, thankfully, said that we didn’t have to do that, but that I should stay overnight for observation. He thought the pulse rate was high because of the pain, but that I should be watched in case they needed to reboot my heart after all. My parents weren’t able to get Thursday off to take me home, so they arranged for The Boy to get the spare keys to my apartment and pick me up the next day.

I got my pulse rate down to around 101 after a few hours, but I couldn’t sleep for the pain and the twitching (damn you, twitchy leg!!) so I didn’t get much rest that night. In the morning it was still around 100, but apparently that isn’t dangerously high. I saw Dr. Joly, who said the surgery went well (and told me about the anesthesiologist giving me lots of meds to keep me under, warning that he would like me to start tapering myself off the percs as soon as possible. Y’all know I had been using them only to sleep for several days, but after last weekend I had to start amping up use just to get through the days, and I was worried about that.) He said he had to extend the original incision a little bit in the direction of my foot, but everything looked good inside and no signs of infection. In a year or so, the tibia plate will come out (and, if I request it, the fibula one as well, though that one CAN stay in forever if I don’t ask them to pull it out.) Dr. Joly told me to follow up with him next Friday, but that as long as the cardiologist said it was okay, I could go home.

I waited for the cardiologist (I don’t remember who I saw that morning, but he works with Dr Bahl, who I saw the night before. Also, yesterday morning’s cardiologist was very handsome. Just sayin) and texted The Boy to let him know what was up. This was around 9 or 10 am. The cardio was very nice and basically said “you’re doing fine, go home!” so I texted The Boy “Come and get me!” but he had fallen back asleep. After no reply came for around 20 minutes, I called, knowing it would wake him, and it did. He let me know when he was leaving home, and it was about 40 minutes before they start serving lunch. Someone came to take my order for lunch (they have a few standard dishes and you get to pick from those) and, since I wasn’t sure whether or not The Boy would arrive before lunch did, I ordered (and am a tiny bit disappointed to miss out on the italian ice! I’m a dessert junkie.) I didn’t get to eat before The Boy arrived and whisked me home. I thought I could sit up front without a problem, but after a few minutes of it, I made him pull off the highway so I could move to the back and elevate my foot. It just hurt too much to have it not elevated. It hurt a lot having it elevated, too, but oh well. We got burger king for lunch and got settled into my (very clean!! thanks mom and dad!) apartment. All day the pain was pretty high, but not as bad as it had been that morning. The Boy went to work for a bit, then came back to have dinner with me (and brought me chocolate and several single serve ben and jerry’s ice creams!) and we hung out until around 10? 11? and then he went home because he had to work today. I meant to do stuff before bed, but I fell asleep accidentally, and woke at 12:45. My next meds dose was at 2, so I internetted until then, then went back to sleep.

Waking up this morning, I am in even less pain than I was yesterday. I was doing 2 percs each dose yesterday, and today I can do one. I will continue wit 1 perc every 6 hours through Saturday, and then start doing Tylenol during the day and 1 perc at night again starting Sunday morning, assuming all continues as it has been. Hopefully I will be off the percs totally by the end of next week.

Also, BTW, I don’t have a new cast (I did get to keep the old one after they cut it off!! Gotta figure out how to display it so all the pretty sigs and drawings are preserved!) With the plate acting as an “internal splint” as Dr. Joly called it, I don’t need the extra external support, so I am in a splint again. It’ll be easier to do an examination on Friday because he’ll just unwrap my splint instead of having to do an x-ray (though they may do one of those as well.)

Anyway, I am doing well, though things were initially more miserable post-op. I still can’t put weight on the leg, but hopefully I won’t need to stay all wrapped up for a million years now. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, of course!!



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2 responses to “Progress!

  1. Glad to hear that the pain has lessened somewhat. You know me, the less meds the better is my motto! (If I had a motto…) 😀

    I have a package just about ready to send you so hopefully you’ll get it some time next week.

    Have a good weekend. Rest, renew, read. 😉

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