Not bad.

Working Backwards:

I went to work today. Like a BOSS. (Except, you know, the being a boss part.) I didn’t think it was any big deal but my immediate boss and the big boss (who is my immediate boss’ boss) both were impressed I came in today. I have to say, though, that other than a strong urge to nap during the 3-5 o’clock time range (valiantly resisted, I might add) I feel pretty good. I’m back on the scooter for work days, because with the occasional exception of a crowded elevator, it’s way easier to use than crutches, and more comfortable now that my leg is totally in one piece. There’s no reason for me not to work, as long as I continue feeling this good. Today is my last day on percocet every 6 hours. I’m going to try tylenol for my 8 am, 2 pm, and 8 pm doses, and then my 2 am dose I’m doing 1 percocet, with the option to take a second if I am really twitchy. Some days I don’t twitch at all, and others I twitch a lot and can’t sleep at all without the 2 percs. All in all, though, things are going well, health-wise.

Last night I slept in my own bed! Instead of on the couch! Yay! It was a beta test, but since it went well (only problems involve the cats; I think I’ll have to lock ’em out when I sleep, because they stepped on my leg a few times and kept knocking shit down, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it) I will be bringing all my stuff into the bedroom. Which means clearing some stuff off the bedside box (I don’t have a real bedside table, so I have a cardboard box on end. I have lots of plans for bedside tableness when I have the money, but for now the box works fine) and the dresser. I keep the crutches on the side closer to the door, which is narrower, and the scooter on the other side, which is a biggish square of space. I can go around the foot of the bed with the scooter and get out to the living room or kitchen that way, or get up on the other side with the crutches and swing myself into the bathroom pretty easily. On the scooter side, I can get to the dressers or computer easily as well. Hooray!

Yesterday evening The Boy came over and we drove around in my car to keep the battery charged (which was a weird experience for him, since driving other people’s cars is always weird. He hates my brakes–they’re very mushy. But I am so used to them that when I drive my dad’s car, his brakes seem too responsive and piss me off!) and then we went to Franklin’s. The original plan was to get a drink (for him) and a dessert (for me, and maybe to share a little with him) but when we got there we decided we were hungry enough for dinner, so we dinnered. (I actually indulged myself by getting some sides as a meal-corn pudding (YUM), cheesy grits, and as a nod to healthiness, a side salad.) After, we watched some Doctor Who and then moved my pillows into the bedroom and hung out in there for a bit. I did lots of rambling, because percocet makes me babble in all forms of communication, and not going to work regularly for so long, and thus not being in society, has broken down the (already pretty useless) filter between my brain and my mouth that keeps me from saying whatever I am thinking as soon as I think it. It was quite amusing.

Yesterday afternoon I discovered I was really exhausted, because I slept until almost 1pm. (I did wake to take meds at 8am, but other than that–ZONKED.) Now, this was after going to bed at 2 (post meds-dose) but still, that’s a lot of time to sleep. It meant I wasn’t very sleepy at all last night, but oh well. I was planning on trying to vacuum yesterday, as there are already Zelda-hair tumbleweeds on the carpet again (she loses the occasional small clump when she and Fitz battle each other) but the day went like this: wake up, internet, The Boy asks if he can come over later and I say ‘yes, I just need to shower,’ I internet for forever instead (and also eat breakfast and take my 2 pm dose) but I got a little dizzy so I interneted and interneted and then all of a sudden he was there and I still hadn’t showered. So I did that while he cleaned the litter box, bless his soul, and then the acts of the previous paragraph occurred.

In regards to the Readercon post, author Jim Hines shared an update about a member of the con committee resigning out of disgust, and another staying on so that she can help change thy system from the inside. Also, Veronica Schanoes has written a letter/petition to the board and if you like, you can add your name. Also, apparently someone is trying to defend the sexual predator by saying he may have Asperger’s, and Jim links to a post in response to that. (I agree with the post he links to, which says that no part of his behavior is typical of people with aspergers, and even if he is an aspie, it doesn’t excuse him.)


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  1. I’m glad you’re felling well enough to go to work, Mels. Resting to heal is good, but sometimes you need to get out and back into routine. I’m also happy you’re able to work down on the meds. I hope your care package arrives soon. 😉

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