Jumping the gun

I forgot to bring something to pad my leg as I put it up at work yesterday, so I didn’t put it up as long/often as I had last week. That, combined with mischievous cats who, while chasing each other in mock-battle, jumped on my leg, led to me taking today off, and not starting my tylenol day just yet. I’ve been icing my leg through the splint, too, because the ankle is sore and so is the front of the shin bone (the tibia)

I’ve been way itchy too, but thankfully, with the splint instead of a cast, I can sort of scratch by gently rubbing the splint. It only helps on the front of the leg, because the sides and back are held steady by hard plaster or a sugartongue (I don’t know which, but I know the bottom of my foot has hard plaster, so it stands to reason….)

Because my cats also decided to make a huge mess by knocking down cookbooks and the containers containing my bread flour and my homemade pancake mix to the floor in the hall last night, and the bread flour spilled a bit, I vacuumed the hallway while on the knee scooter. Other than that, I’ve been resting and watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m in the second half of the fourth season, it’s really interesting. I’m pretty sure I coulda been okay with it ending with them finding earth, though. I do love the romance between Roslin and Adama though.

The other nice thing about the splint is that I can wear my regular shorts. I thought they’d squeeze too tight over the splint, but I couldn’t find anything to wear today that wasn’t pajamas or dressy except my denim skirt, which I am sick of wearing. So I tried it out, and I could get ’em on comfortably! Yay!

Other than that, nothing much has been happening.



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3 responses to “Jumping the gun

  1. Sounds like a good day – except for the pain and the vacuuming and the cats spilling the flour and… Okay, so not a bad day. 😉 I know some people who have had casts use a knitting needle to scratch when they get itchy. Take care and don’t overdo.

    • I have staples in, so I don’t want to really scratch, for fear of fucking them up. There’s medical tape over them, but still makes me nervous.

      I anticipate going in tomorrow and being okay. I just sit at my desk except when going to the bathroom and to get lunch, so it’s not too much work. I think it really was problematic mainly because I couldn’t keep it elevated.

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