Giggling is Good.

Last night, The Boy took me grocery shopping. He had had a long, not awesome day and was a little bit grumpy, but agreed to take me to the store anyway. We were very silly, though, which helped make it better. I don’t have a handicap hangtag, so cannot park in handicap parking, which means that The Boy has to keep my ability to get in and out of the car in mind when he parks, and he kept almost parking and then moving, and by the time we parked I was giggling helplessly. In the store, he pushed the cart while I scootered ahead to find things, and at one point he said I had plumbers crack. I said okay and blithely sailed on, planning to fix it when I stopped by the pickles (because I needed pickles, and I was almost there!) He told me I was embarrassing him and I wiggled my butt at him, and we were amused. On the way out, we raced to the car. He started going a bit faster and pulled ahead of me, so I crouched down over the handlebars and put on a burst of speed and then we were racing! Much giggling was had, and it helped make his day less sucky.

Big news in the flat track derby world: WFTDA announced the impending publication of a new rules set. The big change is the switch to no minors, but I want to know if they’re addressing the issue of no-pack scoring tactics at all. We’ll find out this fall, I guess.

I’m at work today, but am very tired and slow. I had hoped to finish my boxes, but it looks like that won’t happen until tomorrow because I keep finding folders of stuff that go with other folders I’ve already done. I WILL DEFEAT YOU, BOXES!

my right thigh is tired and sore all the time from holding up my right calf all the time. We’d like to not hurt and be able to walk again, please.



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2 responses to “Giggling is Good.

  1. *hugs* Laughter really is the best medicine. 😉

    Defeat those boxes!! (I have filing to do, too.)

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